Lowest execution require character?


My exc is really bad and i dont have time to spend countless hours in training mode to improve it. is there a character that i can quickly learn and be somewhat competitive with low execution requirements? stuff i suck at: dragon punch fadc ryu ultra 1 and link combos



Well, if you suck at easy things like DP, 2*df (Ryu’s first ultra) and linking combos you’ll probably don’t find any characters good for your execution.
However, the characters what can be played with bad execution IMO (considering that you “suck” at DP) is Blanka (don’t take it as hate blanka players, I played him for a long time too) and Balrog. But I still don’t recommend choosing a character based on this. My recommendation is to pick a character what you like the style of and start to use him in endless. It’ll be enough to play a hour or so every day, believe me your execution will be fine in a week.
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You shouldn’t let yourself be defeated so easy! Execution isn’t something to base character choices around.

Find ways around these things before you give up. For example, with FADC u1, what gets you? Your dash doesnt come out? You get EX dp? Etc?

That was my issue. I’m a Ryu main, too. Instead of giving up on Ryu like I intended, I tried to look for workarounds, and I practiced alot. Here’s a tip: after the dp, hit forward at the same time as the focus attack buttons, then just do the ultra input as you would naturally. Using this, I’ve been landing ultra basically every round, and my friends always complain…

Either way, know that combos and links and OS and all those things are just things you use to capitalize. They aren’t a necessity to play competitively, but they lower the amount of risks you need to take to win a match. If you were to land 10 cr.mks as opposed to 10 cr.mk xx hadokens, then you’d end up with a much lower life lead.

Stay fresh and salt-free.


Guile, T.Hawk, Dhalsim, Zangief, Blanka, Sagat…


Well, while your post fits the question well, I don’t recommend starting out with Guile or Sim because these characters needs a lot of pratice to be played successfully.


Gouken is really a low execution character, although his game plan isn’t easy.


Don’t eat yourself up about it bud, Execution inst something to base character choice around.
I seriously feel u need to play a lot of the cast and figure out how you want to play and decide on that.
Part of the fun is learning the characters.

If your wanting to quickly pick up the game and have low-medium execution skills I’d pick Ryu.
Watch a few daigo games to see how to effectivly play Ryu and try and pick stuff up from there.
Fadc ultra may be a high damaging punish but you don’t NEED to be able to use it.
Plus he’s a great character to start with, he’s the jack of all trades master of none.


Depending on the level you’re aspiring to achieve, Guile is one of the most execution heavy characters in the game.


my goal as of right now is to dominate online play.


Gouken is low execution. But he’s definitely not going to dominate online play


Thawk. Retarded mode and dominates online.


churn butter


Give up on playing videogames.

This is completely the wrong way to approach it. Everybody had to learn, just because it’s hard doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bother. It takes time, so what, you’ll eventually learn if you have patients. Don’t worry about win/loss we’re all learners.


If you have a stick learn to piano and pick up honda. Jab handslap is godlike, and other than that hondas game plan is pretty straightforward.


If you’re going to be one of those guys whom is just going to go for that one simple combo 100% of the time and not even focus on fundamentals (Anti airing, frametrapping, etc…why am I bothering?) then just simply trade the game in. Dominating online play isn’t simply about execution.


If you wanted an easy mode character that has low execution standards and dominates online without trying then I think you have the wrong game.


Blanka and Guile need no combos to be played effectively.


Bison. c.short x3 is probably the hardest combo you’ll ever need. You’ll use Ultras very seldomly. No need for pianoing techniques (Blanka). Fairly simply game plan. You’ll do nothing but poke and run away. There’s a reason why he’s never featured in combo videos. His execution plateau is probably the lowest out of the entire cast, even at high levels.


Rose is also one of the lower ones.