LP daggers should be -2 on block

Seriously why do charters whit 3 frame dps get such a huge advantage compared every other charter in this match up. I’m totally fine whit grapplers punishing it for free if you miss space the daggers but dumb ass reversal DP should not work. Also vs ken you can’t even space it at all whit MK > lp daggers because hes HP DP has insane range. If it was -2 it would be much more consistent match up wise. -2 is still a big disadvantage,it just wont get punished by 3 frame DPS. Also SPDs will still work if it was -2 which is fine.

OP is OP

So rather than having really good pressure against a large amount of the cast, you think she should be able to stay on top of everyone who isn’t a grappler/Chun with super?
I’ll be honest, if I have a session where I play online for a couple of hours and I fight 75%+ shotos I get annoyed that I can’t Daggers for pressure. I’ll sit there and while the salt is lying thick, I think the same thing.
But later, when the salt has settled, I don’t agree.
Having Daggers at -2 would be good. I’d feel so much safer using the Daggers to get in and stay in.
But then what happens to the cast members that already struggled with it being -3? Now they’ve got even less time to try and form an escape plan. (Read: They’re screwed)
This is what makes EX-Daggers so good. 0 on Block means that you’re back to a neutral game and if they don’t know the matchup that well, they may try to punish (Don’t bank on that though).
What bothers me more about the shoto matchup is dropping my combo/trying to pressure with normals and eating that 3frame DP.

no character has meterless safe autopilot chip damage OR knockdown off any crMK (decent range, decent startup low) that is done within range



Uryo does hands, first two hits of reversal dp misses.

Hands can be safe

because it’s a fighting game and some characters are different from others

because -2 is really fucking paltry for a move with great corner-carry, great chip-pressure, a knockdown on hit, that easily cancels off far normals, and incidentally has an amazing hitbox outside of combos too.

because the exact same dumb argument can be used to make it worse. why shouldn’t guile be able to punish it like ryu, or sagat be able to punish it like ken. make it -5! oops!

because lots of other characters have to deal with that too, the most obvious being balrog having a -3 on block dash punch.

because it doesn’t matter what things “should” be, it matters what they are. no one ever built a winning gameplan by worrying about what their character “should” be able to do.

If you don’t think you can easily use daggers on non Ken shotos your Decapre sucks

No it shouldn’t

I used to think about this, but -2 hands the way they are is way too braindead if you give it a moment’s thought. If you had to buff it I’d prefer it to be slightly easier to space, but right now it’s a great move really.

Yes -2 hands will be strong buff but so what ? She still won’t be anywhere near the tier of charters like Evil ruy.The way a figure from a solid mid tier shed get to high-mid or whatever.

I don’t think you understand all the repercussions of making LP Daggers -2 on block. Besides 3f special moves, characters with 3f normals would lose any potential punish. You even use Evil Ryu as an example in your tier argument, would she not suddenly gain a huge advantage once his only punish option is his Raging Demon super move? That’s on top of her already having Scramble options, EX Spiral Arrow, and Ultra 2 to maneuver around projectiles.

Capcom’s never going to buff the move to -2 on block, so stop dreaming and just practice if you truly care about wanting to beat characters with 3f DPs.

-2 daggers would be braindead. There would be almost never be any reason to use any other moves when daggers becomes Fei Long EX Rekka level safe on block and even easier to connect from at long range and as whiff punish. A move that guarantees safe chip at any distance on block, doesn’t need charge, and knocks down for an easy safe jump and corner carry on hit, as well as being relatively quick startup and long range should not be that safe I think.

Maybe you would want that I guess, but I would find that pretty dull to play against or as.

i want daggers to shoot sonic booms

If you think she’s mid tier you’re playing her HORRIBLY.

Also she beats E.Ryu, who cares if he’s “better” than she is.

Post patch nerfed the push back on hands so if you cancel into in shotos can punish.

Post patch nerfed the push back on hands so if you cancel into in shotos can punish.

Not if you space it correctly

And Malvadisco thought that the LP-Daggers talk was done.
You wish…

I agree, but only so I can see how much LTG looses his shit playing against a Decapre with -2 LP Daggers