Lp/lk mashing to avoid tick command throws, viable offline?

I’m finding it extremely difficult to land tick 360s in Super. Maybe nothing has changed since vanilla just that everyone seems to know this technique now. Looking at inputs the person is pretty much either mashing lp/lk or is using the crouch tech timing. Either way, it has made command ticks nearly impossible for me and I’m wondering if this is something due to online lag or a totally viable technique offline?

I am new to a stick and I will admit I’m not the fastest rolling even with the shortcut 6 inputs. But with a 1 or 2 frame start up and alot of characters jabs like 3 frames, it would make sense that this would work. I mean even the fastest butter churner takes a few frames to move their fingers/wrist through 6 inputs. But i don’t see any of it in recorded in higher level play. If I start buffering the motion during the tic jab/short it will be too fast and the opp will still be in block/hit stun

What am I missing here? Is anyone else having this issue?

Practice getting those ticks tighter. Set the training dummy (preferably Balrog) to mash LP, and practice tick command throws.

First of all, you need to understand exactly what is happening.
-You CANNOT crouch tech any command throws, at all. Command throws beat the startup of normals AND out-prioritize normal throws, so this isnt the problem.

Second, you need to recognize the range of your grabs. Which character are you using? Which grab? light medium fierce? Each grab (iirc) has different range and different startup time. You might be doing tick > command grab and your grab is simply out of range of the grab. Or, you might be doing your command grab late, and their normal is beating your command grab.

But in any case, understand that throws beat the startup of normals, and since you mentioned 360 motion grabs, I assume you are talking command grabs. Its not the person mashing lp/lk thats necessarily beating you, its probably the timing of your grab. Give us some more details and we can get to the bottom of your issue.

You need to mash faster.

Definitely I’m in range of the command grab. lp SPD with Gief. I only go hp SPD from a tick after a point blank normal. I hit these very same ticks consistently vs 2000PP or below players (if they don’t have a dp of course). I guess they don’t “know” this technique.

What I meant by the crouch tech timing is I know command grabs beat throws, just that they are timing their string the same way as you would a crouch tech. Like the moment if finish my jab, they hit jab.


tick, tick … SPD (works if they are not mashing jab)
tick, tick, SPD (whiffs due to stun. This is where I would start spd buffering during the last tick)

tick, tick,. SPD (seems to be the next logical timing but there is such a fine line between 2 mini pauses and just 1)

So far it seems I’m just to slow. Which bites because when i go faster they are still in stun.

need to practice timing it better. if you can do normal 1-frame link combos, you should be able to do tick throws.

Went into the lab tonight and tried this out. wtf moment. I could NOT get the 360 to work unless i actually paused 1 more “micro moment”. I’m like huh? It worked like this
[jab, jab, … SPD]
Now i know there’s no way this will work on someone who is not mashing but actually timing it precisely.

Now that’s an interesting way to put it. It is technically a one frame “link” lol. a 3 frame jab starts on the third frame and SPD is 2 frame startup. I only have 1 frame for the scoop. I cant do 1 frame links…

grumble, grumble

So this is my problem. 1 frame timing.

Newbie SAIKYO dojo, mashing their way out of setups, and failing.

Then maybe you should focus more on those links than SPDs, online Gief/Rog/Bison. Being a 2 frame move means that no matter what the other person does, it’s going to beat it unless it’s throw invul. Your timing is the only problem.