Lp/mp/hp hayate?



karakusa>hp>lp/mp/hp hayate…
it seems to me that many jap players prefer the lp hayate…
wat’s the difference apart from the reach of the hayate???


since all versions have the same frame advantage on hit (+2, according to the gamest mook), maybe they use the LP version because i has a faster startup, so the opponent has less time to buffer in a reversal


i always use hp… well depends where i am, if i want them in the corner ill use hp… and on Elena ive noticed lp misses sometimes dunno why, it happened on dc sometimes

so ye…


cause the dc version is fit for horse shit.


It’s all on situtation, it’s not about after hitting, it’s about what happens if it’s blocked. lp hayate is the safest. I usually do lp hayate after c.lk and that’s about it. I use c.lk > lp hayate a lot though, it’s great for rushdown. I usually use s.hp > mp hayate though after karakusa or mix it up with s.lk > lp hayate to catch them again in the karakusa if they are asleep at their controls. I only ever use hp hayate to end something like at the end of 2x Hayates or if I’m chasing some damn stupidass run away Chun Lis.