LS-32-01 and SF4 SE question (clacky)


So I recently installed an LS-32-01 in my SE, and everything works fine input-wise. But something that’s bugging me is that there seems to be a bit of extra “clacking” going on.

The best way I can explain it, is that if I throw the stick in one direction, it will hit the edge of the restrictor plate. But if I apply a little bit more pressure (not even a lot, just a little), it seems to pull up from its base and hit a second edge.

Opening up my stick, it seems like it doesn’t align quite cleanly with the edges as soon as it hits the plastic (the cyan piece, not the navy blue one). It doesn’t have enough room for it to lock into each edge without being lifted from its base.

Anyone know if I might be doing something stupidly obvious here?


you did put the screws in the plate right?


Yes, everything is secure. It’s not that something is rattling or coming loose, it’s that the steel rod of the joystick seems to pop out of its bounds when I hold the stick all the way to the edge.


Hmm. I actually dunno.


I’ve had an issue like this before and it was due to one the plastic things (don’t know what to call them) around the shaft was installed incorrectly