Ls-32-01 cable color combination for the 5-pin

I want to install a ls-32-01 joystick into my street fight SE edition but i cannot the cable combination for the connector which has this colors : orange,yellow,red,black,green

can anyone help me with this or post a place that could helpe me . thx

actually its the color combination that goes from 5-pin to PCB i have SE SF stick

Coloring is different, but are in the same order. You should just be able to plug in your SE harness all the same. Refer to Upper left picture.

here is a picture from what i did, do i have to cut the cables to wire it directly to that PCB cable connector or this works , wiring the 5pin (seimitsu to 5-pin sanwa) the pluggin the pcb connector . should i cut the cables or what should i do. or its there a combination from seimitsu 5pin to sanwa 5-pin connector so it works

if i doesnt have to cut the cable , could someone tell me the color combination that goes to that sanwa 5-pin , cause i cant figure it out

You cut the end that goes to Joystick of the Mad Catz Wire Harness.

But all the black wires are labeled where it connects to the PCB.
So look at the PCB and you will know which wire is for which direction.

oh shit i figured it out , thx peeps

i only had to plug the sana connector for bottom to top and not from top to top and it worked out