LS-32-01 Detection Problem w/ HRAP2

Sup? I decided to mod my HRAP2 with a LS-32-01. It came the other day and I’ve been having some problems in regard to only one directional switch being detected no matter how I turn the PCB. I kept turning it and tested the stick after every rotation until I made my way back to how it was originally positioned. In other words, if I turn it one way** only **up or up-back is detected. If I turn it another way only down or down-back is detected, etc.

The only thing I can think of is the 5-pin connector. For anyone who has modded their HRAP2 with a LS-32-01; did you have to wire the 5-pin joystick cable that came with the LS-32-01 in order for it to work with the HRAP2 or did you just use the 5-pin that’s already in there? I read the HRAP2 modding guide on here and it didn’t make any mention of having to wire the one that came with the Seimitsu. The only other thing I can think of is there might be something wrong with the stick itself. I hope that’s not the case, though. If anyone can offer up any solutions/suggestions I’d be much obliged.

I haven’t modded the HRAP2 with a LS-32-01 personally, but I would suggest trying the 5 pin that came with the stick. Short of that, you could ask someone like Paik, he has vast knowledge on stuff like this.

I don’t understand how it’d even be possible but it sure sounds like you’re attaching the 5-pin connector upside down…

your supposed to use the 5pin cable that came with the stick… in the event that all the directions work. the cable should face the same direction it did before… ive done this before and it was no problem. now if it doensnt work your pcb on the stick may be defective… since its a pcb look at the solder points where the switches come up to the pcb… should be sets of like solder nipples in sets of 2. see if the wiggle or are broken… ive found that semitsus are made a lot cheaper than sanwas when it comes to this and have had a few be broken on the solder points… nothing a little flux cant fix.

Hrm…as Mayhem said, that shouldn’t even be possible unless you either 1) rewired it or 2) are not putting on the 5-pin correctly.

Not that the LS-32-01 has the same mapping BUT since the 5-pin is mounted on the other side of the PCB, you have to flip the 5-pin.

It sounds like you’re doing the 2nd because you state that only one direction works regardless of how it is situated. That is happening because a signal is being directed to the common ground part of the PCB. Since you no longer have a common ground, the only direction that is working is the one that is connected to the common ground on the PCB because a circuit is still created when the ACTUAL ground (now mapped to a specific direction) is activated by the joystick.

In short, Mayhem is probably right. As he usually is.


Yea, I was putting on the 5-pin incorrectly. I tried it the right way initially but it wasn’t going in nearly as smooth as the wrong way, and since I didn’t want to force it, I assumed the wrong way was the right way, if that makes any sense.:lol: Thanx a lot for the help, y’all.