Ls-32-01 octagonal gate option?


Does the LS-32-01 have an octagonal gate option? Does the ls-56 octagon gate or the sanwa one fit this? Does round suffice or is it totally different?



Does not.



Yeah i think one of those guys drilled a hole in teh sanwa octagon and put it on a seimetsu. Hopefully he messages me back with instructions :confused: Thanks jdm


According to Slagcoin you can take off both gates and get a circular feel with the LS-32(-01). This is unique to the LS-32.


I also heard taking off both gates can do damage to the joystick. I think the best option is to just dremel the blue plastic gate on the bottom to the shape you want. Circle is pretty easy, you can try to do octagon but not sure how well that will come out.


Do you guys see jdm’s link? How did that guy make teh octagon gate fit? He drilled holes? He wont answer me on PM


because he hasnt been on in a few days.


oh alright whoops


ugh i dont wanna buy a sanwa stick…anyone else?


dude… just buy a sanwa octo gate and drill the holes where it’d match up to the ls-32. not that hard to do and imo. use the pic from jdm as a guide.


actually yeah. ill post this in the thread you started so everyone can see aswell.

after you remove the seimitsu gates you ll notice there are 4 screws in the metal gate.
the octogate has 2 little nubs that stick out. you can align these nubs perfect by just turning the gate to hit the screws.
i used a marker and over drilled the holes for my own screws. over-drilling allows you to make sure the octogate is accurately aligned (not hard at all).
now after every thing was in place all switches activated correctly except for diagonals. i had to mod the leaf switches to allow more ‘touch’.
this one you guys can figure out since i’m sure everything has different ways of modding sensitivity for switches.

modding the leaf switches for touch is very trial and error but so worth it.


I seriously think you’re better off just buying the circle gate for the LS-32.

Mixing and matching Seimitsu and Sanwa parts – aside from ball handles – just isn’t very practical in general everyday use.

I’ve used both circular and octagonal gates. Prefer circular myself and even modded 2 square JLF gates (with a Dremel sanding attachment) to reproduce the feel. I have no issues going back and forth between LS-32’s and JLF’s with circle gates but I never want as far to mod another manufacturer’s part to force fit in another stick/button.


Bringing this back from the dead. Has nobody produced an octagonal gate for this yet? I bought one of these recently and I thought I could get used to a square gate again, but I was wrong. Really like the feel of the Joystick though.

Does anybody out there have 3d printer plans for an octagon gate?


People have, I seen both 3D printed gates as well as CNC laser cut acrylic gates.

Also please don’t Necro old threads like this.

This thread been resolved (long ago), questions like your should be in the Absolute Question and Answer Thread.




I figured if there was already a thread it would be fine to use it. I used that search feature people fear so much.

Do you know anyone that might have 3d printer plans? I do not see anything about that in the thread.

Thanks @PresidentCamacho I will probably just order one from Focusattack if I can not get any 3d printer plans. I can’t justify the shipping on the one piece, so I’ll probably wait until I have a shopping list.


Is that Altered Beast or something? The arcade version? Or is that the sega genesis one?
I remember beating the arcade version on one credit. Something about that game didn’t impress me like Golden Axe did…


Its Alter Beast, I want to say its the arcade version.
I (or was it @Kyle ) started to do this and it became a local Tech Talk Meme.
Its pretty much obligatory at this point. Alter Beast was good for its time but it’s lack luster compared to other Arcade/Genesis ports (like the Superior Golden Axe) .