LS-32-01 Restrictor

Forgive me if this has ever been asked, I tried searching first.

I’m about to receive my first ever LS-32 and i’ve never tried one before. Could someone explain the restrictor to me? The most left (bottom of photo) is the 4-way, mid is 8-way and top is 2-way? Obviously this is waaaay different then the simple JLF setups.

Is my thinking right on this?

I know the feel is different. I’m very used to the GT-Y on the JLF, so this is a “testing-step” for me.

yea your right. the blu plate is not needed unless you need 2-way or 4 way operation

Isn’t it just a square gate without the blueplate? and 8 way oct with it? I want the same “octagonal” feeling as the GT-Y. Is the setting in the picture 8-way Octagonal?

the ls-32 doesnt have an octagonal gate or octagonal setting. the setting in the pic is 8-way square gate. its square with and without the blue gate

To to run it as a normal square gate ala JLF default. Either remove the blue gate all together or set it to the middle?

yep. you got it

I had a lot of trouble getting this to come up doing searches and I knew what I was looking for! :rofl:

Assuming you’re not going to want 2-way or 4-way, take it off. Some people have had it cause little niggling problems with the “feel” of the joystick. Details can be found here.

hehe, thanks. I actually saw that thread but it didn’t have the answer (at least not what I thought I was looking for :P)

I think its going to feel so wierd to play with a 32 over a JLF. This will be my third stick and the others which contain JLFs that i’ve been using for years have become my standard.

I recall reading somewhere around here that they feel nearly identical once they’re fully worn-in, so no worries.

We’ll see, I’m a GT-Y user :slight_smile:

The adjustment period isn’t that bad to be honest. I swear by the GT-Y but for some reason the square on the LS-32-01 doesn’t bother me at all.

I hope so, I’ll have it tomorrow so we’ll see. I was never a big fan of the JLF square.

I’ll be upgrading a few things later in the week so I’ll post up some new pics when its done.

Same for me, the corners do not feel as pronounced. Very easy to do the circle movements. Biggest difference is the throw and engange, this can feel pretty tight at first.

Great stick.

PS: You WILL feel a slight difference with or without the blue restrictor. But not much.

I’ll let ya know tonight, the stick is sitting in front of me, I just can’t open it yet…still at work.