LS-32-01 Spring Help


Hi everyone. I currently have a LS-32-01 in my Brawlstick and it’s very nice. However… it could be better. The LS-32-01 makes a “clunk” sound when it activates (meaning it’s a little too tight for me). I love the shorter throw on the LS-32-01 but I want a softer feel. I don’t want to sacrifice precision (I play primarily SFxT but I’ve been playing a lot of KoF lately) and I don’t want to make it floppy. Just make it so that I don’t need to wrench it around. I’ve seen videos of JLFs and they have a nice, soft clicky sound. I want something kinda like that.

So JLFs, LS-33s, 40s, 55s, 56s, those sprigs at home depot, etc. which has the best spring for my LS-32-01? Again, a little less tight without sacrificing precision or makin it really floppy and making it hard to return to neutral.


There is no best… It’s all subjective and the level of comfort is different on an individual basis.

Look, it’s fine that you ask where to look for hardware BUT… and I repeat BUT… don’t ask people what’s the best this or that because we all have our own individual preferences!
This is the biggest mistake I see new members make all the time. I can’t tell you what’s best – I have my own comfort zone and stick to that. Other people have their preferences and comfort zones. Don’t confuse opinion with fact; they’re completely separate things.

Getting the exact same joystick as a top tourney player like Daigo or any of the American players will not make you an expert. That takes years, and, granted, some inborn talent in addition to practice.

As for clunking, an LS-32 should NOT be making a noise like that NOR should a brand new, stock-condition LS-32 be excessively tight.
Yes, an LS-32 spring has greater tension than a Sanwa JLF BUT it’s not that much tighter unless you install extra springs. Yes, you can put lesser tension springs on the joystick but that really doesn’t make much sense. If anything it will ruin the stick’s ability to recenter itself quickly. It’s better to up the tension in an LS-32 OR replace the original spring if need-be. That’s one of the big advantages it has over the JLF in addition to quicker switch activation and easier roll motions.

If you don’t mind, take the LS-32 apart and make sure that the spring is what it should be and/or that there is nothing getting twisted up in the joystick like electrical wiring.

Again, this “CLUNK” you speak of I haven’t experienced. I end up splitting an extra LS-32 spring in half and screwing that onto the original stick (another LS-32) spring. Never experienced any kind of “clunking” noise and my set-up isn’t that tight, either. A stock LS-32 is barely tenser/tighter than a stock LS-40 and THAT’S a loose joystick by most standards!


This is a difficult question as everyone have different ideas what is the best.

To Conan the Barbarian this is what is best in life

Springs are cheap, 90 cents to a $1.25 so go ahead and grab one of each spring, Paradise arcade have “JLF” springs that are rated in pounds of force needed to move. Grab some of those as well.
The Clicky sounds have nothing to do with the spring, that is the microswitches. Seimitsu joysticks used levered microswitches while the Sanwa JLF do not, which does change the sound the switch makes.
The 2 brands of joystick also used different makes of microswitch which sounds different.

You mite want to consider different microswitches as well.

Check out Slag Coin
They have a chart of spring stregnth’s by brand.


Paradise Arcade Shop also sells a silent microswitch upgrade kit that’s compatible with the LS-32 joysticks and the Zippyy clone of the LS-32 (version of the LS-32 without the PCB).

(The short shaft Zippyy clone is equivalent to the standard LS-32 joysticks; the long shaft Zippyy is for thick metal/thick wood arcade cabinets; get the short shaft Zippyy clone for Hori and Mad Catz joysticks.)

Be aware of the compatibility issue of that replacement microswitch kit with the LS-32 round guide… A reviewer said that switch replacement don’t work well with the round guide but are fine with the stock guides.

The kit is relatively cheap – $3, I think (?) – but you must also get OR create an adapter harness for it. It doesn’t have a five prong attachment for joystick harnesses… I’m sure Paradise’s adapter harness (attaches to the 0.187 directional tab prongs on the replacement microswitches) would work with this kit but ask before you buy it. The adapter harness, ironically, is more expensive than the silent kit!

I don’t know IF the harness has to be flipped for this mod, either. Somehow I doubt it since you’re not using a PCB/electrical device on the modded joystick… Could be wrong. Never done a mod like this myself but it’s one I intend to do one day when I have spare cash! I love the LS-32 but like the cheaper Zippyy clone idea even better! LOL

Whether you install a modded LS-32 or Zippyy clone in a Hori or Mad Catz joystick, you’ll need to use the SS Mounting Plate unless it’s a special mod/alternate joystick case like Art Hong’s Tek cases.


None of those springs will fit, maybe JLF’s with some modification. As for clunk sound, if you mean when it activates, is because the levered switches that Seimitsu uses are clicky itself. A spring mod wouldn’t make difference regarding the sound.