LS-32-01 swap in SFIV TE

Looking to swap out the JLF for an LS-32-01 in my TE. I have made the following assumptions, tell me if I’m wrong:

  1. I’ll need the flat LS-32-01 mounting plate to keep the “proper” joystick height, matching the height of the stock JLF

  2. The LS-32-01 wiring harness is wired in reverse order of the JLFs, but seems to have the same size and spacing for the pins. I can simply use the JLF harness flipped 180 degrees on the LS-32-01.

  3. There are no other issues I need to be concerned about. God this is easy.

Believe you need a ls-32-01.
Cause of the S shaped plate, though i could be wrong.

Sorry, that’s what I meant. I know the LS-32 doesn’t have PCB-mounted microswitches. I was talking about the LS-32-01

You need the S-plate from the LS-32-01, the stick is a direct drop in. The mounting bracket was made to fit with the LS-32-01 perfectly.

yes, just flip it and plug it in. as long as you have it installed with the PCB connector on the same side as the stick that was originally in it, it will work.

they seem to be in reverse order because sanwa JLF PCB is solder side up and semitsu LS-32-01 is solder side down, so the connect is “flipped” opposite on each one.

you want the s plate, ls32 is about 5mm shorter up top than the jlf

You use the stock Mounting Plate that comes with Seimitsu LS-32-01.
Seimitsu SS Mounting Plate is it.

To use Sanwa JLF-H, just plug in upside-down.
Easy stuff.

No problems, that is all.

There is one thing though.
You will rotate the Mounting Plate so that the connector of PCB be parallel to Mounting Plate.

Thanks guys, I really appreciate it. ++ rep for all of you