LS-32-01 - weak restrictor plate?

Well, I just visited Kowal’s webpage and while he praises the LS-32 pretty highly, his sole complaint is that the restrictor’s plastic is a bit soft and wears easily. Now, I am used to Sanwa’s super sturdy restrictor which I feel can take about any amount of absue so… how much worse is the one in the LS-32?

And should it start to wear, is it possible to simply get a new one?


Whereas the the JLF restrictor feels smooth when you roll the stick into hcb type motions, you can definately feel more friction when you do the same with an LS-32 restrictor. This for me is the only downer on the LS-32, as it is, IMO, better than a JLF otherwise. I also heard rumours from one or two other SRKers that the restrictors wear out over time, so I bought an extra one from Akihabarashop just in case (they’re very cheap too). I’ve got to say though, I’ve not noticed any wear on my LS-32 restrictor yet.

I think it is fair to say that any piece manufactured by Sanwa or Seimitsu is designed to take an arcade beating. Some pieces may last longer than others but you, as only one person, will have to do quite a lot of gaming before anything wears out. And being joysticks designed for the arcade you can buy the parts that wear out first individually for quite cheap as Yeton mentioned. I’d take the LS-32 without worries. :tup:

by the time the gate is worn down, your microswitches will be long dead.

Ah, okay, thanks a lot guys. Especially nice I couldn’t find the spare restrictor gates on neither Chad’s nor TRNG’s site.

I think I’ll enjoy this stick a bit, the Sanwa was always “too roomy” for me. Or I might find out the opposite, that that’s a good thing… ah, only time will tell. :smile:

weak is only blue restrictors to modes 4 and 2 way

The square 8-way restrictor is prone to wearing also:

It’s been probably used a lot but I don’t see that happening to a Sanwa restrictor. The material looks nylon to me and is definitely softer than the Sanwa restrictor which is probably polycarbonate. Oh and the microswitches were all still good…

Do the LS-56 (and all other Seimitsu sticks) gates wear down as easily as they look to be a different plastic from the LS-32 ones?

I have all the sticks at home and judging from the material Sanwa is of higher quality.
The gate for LS-56 seems to be better quality but who knows.

Yeah, I know Sanwa makes their joysticks out of higher quality materials and has a better quality assurance division but they can’t make a good shoot 'em up joystick to save their life.

I think that is personal preference. Personaly I play all my shooters with my modified JLF (harder spring) and it works great (Ikaruga rocks with it).

TRNG, would I be able to get a replacement from you should mine wear out in a few years?

We sell all parts, so yes.

Can you please tell me what spring you used? What practical differences can you point out now that you use a harder spring?

Can a Seimitsu LS-32 spring be used on a Sanwa JLF? Do you know of a tutorial useful for changing the spring of the Sanwa JLF?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

he made a video showing how its done

Cool! :smiley:

Well, where can I order a Seimitsu LS-33 spring from? I only found an LS-32 spring…

Update: I found a Seimitsu LS-33 spring at Akihabarashop. :slight_smile:

How would you describe the Seimitsu LS-32-01 versus the Sanwa JLF-TP-8Y with the harder (LS-33) spring?

The LS-33 is the wrong spring and the weakest seimitsu one. Sorry dude if you already bought it. You want to put the LS-32 spring in the Sanwa JLF over the JLF spring. You will have two springs in your stick then.

We got your order. We can change to LS-55 spring so you will get a hard spring if you want?

JLF + LS-33 spring = Medium.
JLF + LS-55 spring = Hard.

Read this for possibly-related Seimitsu LS-32 weirdness: the discussion starts with this post (on page 15), and continues all the way to the bottom of page 16.

Apparently the joystick itself moves vertically upward just a little bit when pressed against the gate’s edge. This can easily be mistaken for the gate itself feeling soft, like it has a bit of “give” in its solidity.

As already mentioned in this thread, it may or may not be caused by the dark blue plastic restrictor, which can be removed free of consequence for 8-way operation (that’s us!). Chad has a good picture of it on this page.

TheRealNeoGeo made a video using the LS-33 spring in addition to the JLF one, describing the result as a medium spring. He also said it’s better than adding the LS-32 spring on a thread.

How are the Sanwa JLF w/ JLF + LS-33 spring and w/ JLF + LS-55 spring compared to the Seimitsu LS-32-01? I’ll try them out anyway, I just want to know your opinions. :stuck_out_tongue: