LS-32-01: what happened?

After so much praise for the LS-32-01, i decided to buy one from LL try it out in my TE. Right away, I noticed how much the shaft floats before even touching a microswitch lever. It may engage sooner, but it feels looser than the JLF. So much so that it almost feels cheap.

My JLF shaft stands stiff, where the LS-32 shaft can be shaken around at least a few millimeters in each direction. This is not an LS-32-bashing thread. My sincere question is: What am I missing about this joystick and its greatness?

Care to elaborate on this? From the sound of it mdsfx, if you shake it when you didn’t mount it into a stick and toss the stick back and forth while holding it by the base, the shaft wiggles? Am I getting the jist of this? :wonder:

This is an anomaly I’d like to see solved if possible since the LS-32 is a very very good joystick. It’s unlikely, but it could be that you might’ve gotten a defect?

it is installed. there is deadspace between the shaft and the microswitch levers. The joystick can move slightly before even coming into contact with them. From the nuetral position until you start pressing against a lever, it’s loose.

It feels like I need to bend the microswitch levers out more so that they’re touching the shaft. Make sense?

Oh that… as far as I know, it’s been like that for a while. I got about five LS-32’s and they are all the same.

The thing about this that I like personally is that, it has a smaller throw and feels a lot stiffer than a JLF. Not Happ stiff, but enough to be able to tell a difference. Also, joystick motion feels a lot more… forceful, if that makes any sense. It’s not like a JLF where if you nudge it, you get like all four cardinal directions and shit.
I got heavy hands, so if I for example, jumped when I shouldn’t have, I know I did hit up while trying to block. Unlike my experiences with JLF’s, I’ll block and accidentally hit up but never notice it, then end up blaming the stick.

But that’s just me. Mileage may vary.

Give it some time though and eventually you’ll get used to it.

I fully intend to. I just wanted to make sure it was normal. My JLF rests very stiff, not loose like this. I expected the LS-32 to be even stiffer, but it’s only stiffer once you actually engage a microswitch lever.

With a thread title as intriguing as “LS-32-01: what happened?,” I hoped that the original post would be really soapy… you know, something dramatic like

The Talk and the Techless

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Yeah, regarding this, fobi0 answered your question. Have you ever used a Sanwa JLW or a Happ Super joystick before? If not, then your initial impression of the LS-32 is completely understandable; levered microswitches definitely feel different than regular microswitches that you’d find on a Happ Competition or Sanwa JLF. Don’t worry, just play with it a little and you’ll realize that it’s quite a nice stick. You can’t get anything better than an LS-32 for SHMUPs. Well, I take that back; you could get a Suzo Inductive Joystick, but those suck for fighters. :lol:

Haha, deadfrog, you’re right on the money. After all, Tech Talk is probably the most soap opera board on SRK! “What stick should I be dating? Sanwa’s really rich, but that Seimitsu stick has such a manly smell about him! Oh, what to do as a poor virgin pad warrior?” :confused:

Thanks for all of your input. I’m going to give it some time and see how I adjust to it.

Only time I’ve had issues with the LS-32 “floating up” is when playing hard… That generally doesn’t happen. It only happened a few times during one play session. Doesn’t seem to be a recurring issue since.

I have one LS-32-01 installed in a Mad Catz TE casing that I play with a lot… (The other LS-32-01 is in the HRAP 3 SE I bought a few months ago.) Some of the issues I had experienced seemed to disappear after I changed the main square gate to a circular gate. It’s been a lot more comfortable to me without losing any of the in-built comfort issues that made the LS-32 just a wee bit better than the JLF.

Stock LS-32 definitely feels a bit more responsive and less loose to me than a stock JLF on first play.

After doing the mods to both (switching out stock gates for circular and doubling on the stock springs – I cut the second LS-32 spring in halves and screw the halves onto the intact spring), they’re pretty similar. LS-32 still edges out the JLF a bit. I can still use both but there are definite advantages for me with the LS-32.

Definitely wish Sanwa made a circular gate for the JLF. Prefer that to the octagonal and square gates.

I’ve owned an LS-32 and currently using an LS-32-01, I don’t notice this “float up” thing I keep hearing about. And I’ve played on JLF’s and such as well.

GeorgeC, Sanwa actually does have a circular gate. Lol.

As for that float up thing, mdsfx is talking about how the stick wiggles loosely in it’s place even while there is no pressure being applied to any direction.

I know what you’re talking about, but it doesn’t bother me in the least. When I installed mine and played my first match with it, I knew I was done with Sanwa forever. The stick feels so much more tight than the wet noodle-like JLF.

To each his own but if you keep playing with it you may like it more, who knows.

Honestly, my first thoughts on a LS32 were the same as yours mdsfx. I thought (and still do feel) they felt junky.

My favorite arcade here has 6 linked SF4 cabs. Two of the cabs have LS32s, the other four have JLFs. Only one person here picks the LS32 cabs if they have the option.

I think they might be find for home use, that is if you like the feel. In high-traffic arcades though… I really don’t understand the draw, for fighting games that is. They just end up feeling like broken shit really rapidly. JLFs just have a much higher build quality.

Yes, I just installed Seimitsu LS-32-01 into my first HRAP today.
I too noticed the Deadzone.

fobi0, Sanwa does make Circle, but that is for JLW Joystick.
GeorgeC wants one for JLF Joystick.

This deadzone is normal with the LS-32.

If you want to go the opposite direction, to something that’s really tight with a very small deadzone, try an LS-56 (also a levered Seimitsu).

That sounds perfect actually. I’ll order one next week and try it out.

Do we have a breakdown of all of the differences between the Seimitsu joysticks? As in, differences between LS-32/40/56?

FYI, for the TE you’ll also need to order a Seimitsu MS mounting plate. The plate that comes stock on the LS-56-01 will not slot properly into the TE.

I posted some opinions about the LS-32 and LS-56 a while back. I haven’t used an LS-40. I would say that the JLF and LS-32 are somewhat similar sticks, while the LS-56 is quite different. For me, it requires a bit too much precision. The spring is tight, deadzone very small, and throw short, meaning you can get a lot of clicks in for very little movement, but you also need to be more deliberate about where you put the stick when you move it. Some people really like it, though. That’s the behavior you get from a tight stick with a tiny deadzone.

If you’re going to try the LS-56 I’d also advise trying the octo gate that is available for it. It is tight and works well with it, unlike the JLF octo gate, which increases the JLF’s throw quite a lot.

The LS-40 has the smallest deadzone/throw of them all. Personally to me the deadzone of the LS-40 and LS-56 feel the same but the difference in throw is noticeable. The LS-40 has a nice pivot quality which really makes it feel smooth when doing motions, as opposed to the LS-56’s grinding motion(which I don’t mind).

I really like ls-32s but it’s definitely a preference thing. I say play some shmups with it :bgrin:

I might just have to order a few and try them myself. There are too many factors at work here.