LS-32-01: what happened?

Yeah that’s what I ended up doing. Still haven’t tried the LS-33 and the LS-55 though.

Ignore what I said.

After I read what you said, I thought about it and remembered I installed an octo on my friend’s JLF. Which is what I was thinking of at the time.

PEMDAS = Please excuse my dirty ass scrubiness. :sweat::sweat::sweat:

That is so true!
I just got the LS-56-01 on my HRAP3 last week.
The spring is stiff but after a long time playing, I actually feel kinda tired for my hand.
I’ve even cut off one and a half rings of the spring and that give me the tension I feel comfortable.

I was originally hoping the LS-56-01 could bring me a faster dash in/ dash back feel, but I just can’t stand the grinding feel of it, and the levered microswitchs were making a squeaky sound.

So after one night of testing and playing, I switched back to the original JLF.

Every LS-32-01 I’ve had feels like that, they’re gutter trash compared to JLFs imo.

This thread has peaked my interest ingetting a LS-56 but I am wondering what is this “grinding feel” a few of you have mentioned?

How can I say it…It definitely feels more “rough” whenever you hit a microswitch. Unlike the JLF where you can barely feel it, there’s some resistance whenever you engage a direction on the LS-56. In the end it’s up to preference though, I’ve always liked the grinding of the 56, feels nice to me along with the tension it has, but some people can’t stand it.

Less throw though.

I’m sorry Mungstar, I didn’t mean to turn down your interest on LS-56.
They are all good sticks, really. But you just have to try it to see if you’ll like it.
It’s like some ppl like white wine, some ppl like red wine.

^ Red all the way

I am not a fan of the LS-32 for fighting games. I play as Seth and its impossible to play him correctly on the LS-32 because the engage/throw is so small that I perform too many shortcut inputs for the Spinning Pile Driver.

But I love the LS-32 for shoot 'em up games, its awesome for them. I’m going to switch my LS-32 out for a JLF but I’m gonna keep my LS-32 around for shoot 'em ups.

Seimitsu joysticks do have lower build quality than Sanwas. That’s why they’re cheaper :slight_smile:

LS-33 is my fave Seimitsu stick. Just feels nice. Too bad you can’t put it in cases meant for JLF/LS-32

For true, LS-56’s w/ Octagonal gate are pretty outstanding for ST and HDR. It makes for great fireball spamming and overall quicker inputs like reversals.

Now you’ve got my interest peaked again on the LS-56!

It’s unlikely I’ll ever do anything with American parts but I am interested in trying another Japanese joystick. I definitely like Sanwa buttons but am mostly agnostic about LS-32 Vs JLF if both are modded. Unmodded, the nod goes to the LS-32.

LS-56(-01) I’ve read can be screwed into the JLF mounting on most sticks.

Sometime next year I might get one to see how well it operates in a classic HRAP casing – specifically the American Tekken 5 variant. That’s a mod job-and-a-half that I haven’t wanted to tackle with the LS-32 – only stick I’ve replaced the stock parts with Seimitsu parts is a Round 1 MC TE. (I’ve reused most of the Sanwa components from that TE in other stick mods BTW.) When I heard it was possible to use the screw points for the JLF in the T5 case with the LS-56 it definitely got my attention!

(NOTE: Technically, the T5 {American} wasn’t intended for Sanwa JLF. However, since Hori standardizes a lot of its stick component measurements around Sanwa standards the JLF has become the default mod choice for T5 overhauls.)

Note that the LS-56-01 only mounts like the JLF with the MS plate, so make sure you get one along with the 56.

FullAutoDeath, the Seimitsu LS-56(-01) can mount like the other way Sanwa JLF is mounted too.

The other way you see JLF mounted is shown in HRAP 3 and the like.
To install LS-56(-01) into that, the default Seimitsu VF Mounting Plate is used.

It is when you see Sanwa JLF mounted using JLF-P-1 that the Seimitsu LS-56(-01) will need MS Mounting Plate.

Oh woops. My mistake.

I looked into this because every American vendor has the JLF and LS-32-01 at very similar prices. Checked and the catalogs and the Seimitsu stuff is definitely cheaper. About a difference of 8 dollars between them.

And really, it all boils down to preference. I absolutely love my LS-32. Everyone else may not feel the same way about them. Simple as that.

Did I miss something new?

If those holes do not match up, then cannot install LS-56(-01) how you want, right?

I’m very interested in the LS-56-01 now. I use a HRAP2 SA, can the LS-56-01 be installed with no modding?

Install with Seimitsu MS Mounting Plate.
Replace the default VF Mounting Plate.

Mount same as Sanwa JLF.