LS-32-02 and late 360 PCB question

Sorry guys, this is probably a noob question but I’d like to check something before I go and fry my 360 pcb. I’ve been hanging out at the form here for a bit but this is still bugging me.

I’m looking to wire up a LS-32-02 to a late version wireless PCB. As I understand it, the joystick has a 5 pin connector with one common ground for each of the directional signals.

Does this mean that I only need to solder the ground wire from the 5 pin to any ground point on the pcb? The directional signals are essentially daisy chained with in the joystick so do this mean that I’ll only need the one ground connection in the same way as daisy chaining all of the buttons only need one ground to the pcb?

Thanks in advanced.