LS-32-02 Troubles with Madcatz SE stick

I just purchased a LS-32-01 from and I received a LS-32-02. I have installed it and all directions work except for anything involving left. Is this cause its a LS-32-02 instead of a LS-32-01? or is the stick simply defective?

Thanks in advance for any replies.

LS-32-01/02 are the same thing.

Did you use the existing 5-pin connector on the SE stick when installing?

yes I just used the existing 5 pin

you installed it the wrong way

don’t you need to flip the 5-pin connector when installing seimitsu sticks in madcatz fightsticks?

What did he install the wrong way?
If the Wire Harness was wrong way, then only one direction would work.

zwanhinder’s situation is all directions working except one and any involving that.

I don’t know.

rotate the pcb?

Well I swapped wire harnesses on and off and still no change so I finally caved and just went ahead and put it all together and crossed my fingers and now its working and I have no clue why.

thankyou all for your quick responses and helpful info =D
I spent two hours messing with that thing and all my fingers are sore lol
and all for it to just up and work for no reason now >.<

The connector was problaby loose. I noticed this happens when I was testing my stick after modding. If the connecter is slightly loose, one direction input wont register.

I had a prob too, only down direction used to work…
I simply put the connector upside down …

Loose harness, or it was plugged in upside down.
Nothing else occurred.