LS 32 gate removal


I heard that the gates on the ls 32 could be removed to create a circular gate with a large throw… I would like to know if anybody has tried this and if there are any drawbacks regarding potentially damaging the joystick by doing so. Any help would be appreciated.


just unscrew the plastic gates away from the stick itself and you’ll have a circle gate

nothing bad happens when its gone from what i can remember


You’re going to destroy the microswitches and actuator. You can buy an LS-32 circulate gate from LizardLick, Akihabara Shop, or any reputable vendor.


ya, the sharp metal circular opening is rip right through the actuator.




Stop trolling.


THe plastic on the ls-32’s actuator is quite soft, don’t expect it to last too long without a gate


From Joystick Controller - Joystick and Button Attributes and Brand Parts

“Also unique to the LS-32, both the plastic gates can be removed, leaving a large circle gate; the circle with very far throws actually has a pretty good feel to it.”


mr.mortified, kikimaru024 and Nerrage is right, just Unscrew the gate off.
Just remove the provided plastic gate off to have a circular5 gate with the LS-32.
No, removing the gate will not destroy your stick

Also this is a example how people need to read Slag Coin more often.


This is what i had read; which is why I asked the question. I would prefer to know if anyone on the forum has tried this and what their experience was.


To be quite frank, I don’t think anybody has tested this it seems long term. Without a gate, It is in theory possible to push in the snap switches in too far and wear them out or grind against the metal. I say just try it and if it does ever break, well $25 to replace it isn’t that big a deal. You can also order the substrate board from


Just because it’s mentioned on slagcoin doesn’t make it gospel. It is a sharp metal edge pressing hard against soft plastic. Use your heads people, it will wear out the actuator.


On top of this if anyone actually looks at what the actuator looks like after a year or two of normal use on the standard gate it gets pretty gnarled up by itself. Without the gate it will not last a couple months before it cuts deep into the actuator.

I have to replace the actuator on my LS-32 sticks every year because the plastic is so soft, there’s no chance that the actuator will last on the metal plate alone. To the ppl who say otherwise i question if they’ve owned an ls-32 for more than a couple months(or if at all).

Reading just slagcoin does not make you an expert in modding sticks either


best replies in this thread BY far.


Slagcoin a gospel LOL. Kowal’s actuation tables are far more accurate. Slagcoin actually got his information by asking around on this forum and yes taking the gate off an LS-32 will drastically shorten the lifespan of the stick. SRK forums members have experimented with it it in the past and have had their actuator and switches ruined in less than a month. Just buy the gate. It’s not expensive.

Yep the LS-32 uses inferior plastics for the gate and actuator. I have seen JLF actuators get gnarled up but less often than LS-32s. But hey at least they don’t have severe pivot problems like the LS-56.


thanks for all the info; needless to say I won’t be trying this… i actually bought the circular gate; but not sure if i will be using it as i like the square gate on this better than the jlf’s. for my jlf i got the octogate because i didn’t like the motion through the corners, but the corners on this are rounded. i think I will try as is for a few weeks and then maybe put in the circular gate and see which i like better…thanks for all the replies


I use my LS-32 without a gate. Keep in mind, I have LS-36 modded my LS-32 (LS-40 actuator).

The actuator does not even touch the wider gate or the bottom of the microswitch. The throw distance is limiting it giving it a very round like feel. I have tested it with a lot of force and it has been going strong for a month now.