LS-32 has an unusual amount of slack/play when not engaged


The stick is brand new. I installed it in my HRAP 2 SA last night. The stick registers properly when playing games but the “deadzone” is definitely not as short as the un-modified, nearly-2-year-old Sanwa JLF it replaced. I can move the stick nearly 3mm to 4mm in each direction before feeling resistance and then another 1mm to 2mm before engaging the switches.

I have only used a LS-32 once before and it was over a year ago. But I don’t remember it having this much slack.

Suggestions? Is this actually normal?


I can second that perception. what he did not mention is that going right takes a bit more to engage than other directions. Is this normal behavior for ls-32’s


It’s quite normal.
If you want a tighter stick, I suggest a Seimitsu LS-55 or 56.


You mean the Deadzone.
Throw is when you reach the end, and movement is restricted.


that is actually quite the usual amount of slack


Yeah, I guess it would be the deadzone. I made a video. Will be uploading it in a few.

edit: uploaded. I had to cut some audio because I’m at work and there is a lot of intermittent noise (call center). I left the clicks so you can tell when the stick engages.



that looks like a rather healthy ls-32 to me, sure better than mine


Thanks guys, I’ll stop worrying about it. :lol:


The LS-32 in my HRAP EX-SE also has a pretty large deadzone compared to the JLF in my Arcana Heart 2 stick. I don’t know, it could be my crazy perception, but the deadzone seemed to increase a little after some use.

Seems normal to me too as the stick still plays fantastically.


The deadzone is relatively big but what I like about LS-32 is the result from taking the throw minus the deadzone distance, a short ammount of resistance before engage. It’s like I ‘feel’ the engage more on an LS-32 than a JLF, I love it for shmups like touhou and dashing around in MB.


Thanks again for all the feedback. This stick is God for shmups. The night I installed it, I killed my previous high score in Soukyugurentai by 100,000 points. Last night, I destroyed that score by another 100,000 points. The LS-32 is so precise that it makes the game feel slower.


Some people say that the LS-56 with a octo gate is pretty damn good for shmups, but I just can’t get used to it’s tight spring and small throw. It just throws me off.

I feel way more at home with the LS-32.


I prefer the LS-40, myself. It takes some getting used to, but I found the LS-32 a bit too loose for repeated micro dodging (which also applies to streaming).


That’s a good way of putting it. I feel like the LS-40 is really good in games where you need to dodge constantly and rapidly in tight spaces, but is a bit oversensitive for other shmups where simple positioning and small corrections are more important.