LS-32 in Razer Panthera

So hey, I bought one of the original LS-32 sticks to replace my stock sanwa (mainly play shmups) and noticed they don’t come with the PCB like the LS-32-01s. So i can’t get it working without proper cables. I really don’t want to start soldering so can someone point me at the correct set of cables that I need to get to make my LS-32 work?

Is there an octagonal gate that fits on the LS-32? I only found the round one on

Also if I’m going to order cables anyway might shell out for an LS-40 just to see which one I like better? Are there people here that have the exact same setup and are willing to share their experience with it?

Thanks a lot in advance guys.

Have you tried a LS-32 before? If so, does the pivot jump bother you during use?
No: keep the LS-32
Yes: buy a LS-40-01 (my favorite stick)

For the LS-32 w/o PCB, you’ll need this for the Panthera.

You might also need an SS plate (not flat) for proper mount height in the case.

Remember to flip the harness connector to accommodate Seimitsu’s inputs.

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you’re a legend. Thank you!

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This will probably be helpful for hooking it up because wiring is orientation dependent.

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