ls-32 loose

wondering if anyone knows how to tighten this stick up a bit. it is very loose when in the neutral position.

There are various ways to mod the stick, some that require creativity. The easiest one is to just change the spring (though not all may fit). I don’t know if there are any full-mods for the LS-32.

thanks. but i think the spring from the ls-32 is the 1 that is used to mod other sticks. im not really looking to mod it. just tighten it when its idle.

tighten when its idle?

or just tighten it in general.

If your just looking to tighten it pull the spring. Careful not the bend it

What do you mean by “idle?”

i mean it kind of wiggles when no switch is activate. say, if you were about to move but did not go in any direction. it wiggles in all directions. kinda hard to describe i guess

I think I know what you are talking about. It’s like the stick moves a very small distance but does not really do any thing. As long as it’s a very small distance, then it should be normal.

As for how to change it, I’m not sure exactly. You might have to change something other than the spring.

The LS-32 is supposed to feel this way. The actuator has a little bit of wiggle room between the levered microswitches, and the levers themselves have a bit of play before the switch is activated.

You could add some material to the actuator to make it a little tighter, or just get used to the feel. That or try another stick. Check for info on stick properties.

There is nothing wrong with it dude, its just the ‘dead zone’ all sticks have.

i hear ya. just a bit more than ive run into. would be nice to able to tighten it up…either way.