Ls-32 & ls-32-01/02

Does anyone know what the differences are between these three following models?


I notice Seimitsu’s homepage (link) don’t even list the LS-32-02, but I’ve found a supplier that stocks them.

If anyone has any information to shed some light it would be great.

The LS-32 is not soldered to a PCB so the microswitches need to be connected individually when hooking it up. Comes with flat mounting plate.

The LS-32-01 is soldered to a PCB and can be used with the wiring harness. Comes with S mounting plate.

The LS-32-02 is just what is printed on the LS-32-01 PCB board.

Hope this helps.

LS-32 does not have Microswitch PCB Assembly.
Solder Signal and Grounds directly to Microswitch.
LS-32 comes with RE Mounting Plate (Flat).

LS-32-01 has Microswitch PCB Assembly.
Uses H5-PIN (Wire Harness).
LS-32-01 comes with SS Mounting Plate (S-shape).

LS-32-02 is what you see on PCB of LS-32-01.
There is no existed model Seimitsu LS-32-02.
All LS-32-01 say LS-32-02 on PCB.

TheRealNeoGeo believes that Seimitsu revised the LS-32-01 PCB, but did not change Product ID.

ok, that was helpful, thanks guys.

So am I right here?
The LS-32-02 is the same as the LS-32-01 but without the mounting bracket and can be used with the same mounting harness as well.

AHHH… I re-read your posts. That’s not what you are saying at all… You’re saying the LS-32-02 does not exist at all?!

Can someone explain to me what this is then:

it clearly has no mounting bracket. and I can’t really tell if you can use a wire harness with it.

The picture is of a LS-32 you can see by the prongs sticking out and no PCB.

They must have mis-labeled that item.

Don’t answer questions for this guy… The resources are here if he’d look.

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As the guy above you said, they probably mis-labelled the item. Of course that is going to cause confusion! sheesh!

we all had to learn by reading and the re-reading tons of stuff that’s on here… if you put in the effort all the info is there… so we are just saying we not going to give give you fish, but to teach you to fish for yourself


It’s not that bad of a question, but if he’d hit up any of the web shops he’d be able to tell the difference.

Ok catchafire & Sillypuddy, you win. no more questions from me, I just need to get my head down and work through this stuff on my own and with the info that’s available. thanks.