Ls 32 + octagonal gate

can i put these together. would i need to use a sanwa. i couldent find an octo or round semietsu gate can someone post links to the exact gate that will got with this. also, a round gate as well. thanks

according to slagcoins site, there is no octagonal. There is circle however, but that should already be included

oh i c. looks like i just need to remove each gate and then mount it. cool. thanks. tried googeling and doing a search here but i couldent find it anywhere.

There is an actual circular gate for the LS-32 that was recently released. You can find it on under Arcade > Joysticks > Accessories (LS32-Main Guide Round).

I have one and find it difficult to reliably hit down/back on reaction. Similar issue with the Happ Super if you’ve used one. Haven’t tried taking all gates off though.

yayayoo, do not remove both gates. This can damage your actuator over time. If you want a circular feel, I recommend you remove the dark blue gate and use a dremel to round out the inside of the light blue gate. The light blue gate has a circular trace around the square hole that you can just follow with ease if you know how to use a dremel. I’ve done this on two ls-32 sticks and both feel great to play.

just use slagcoin’s picture for reference

in other words, unscrew and just stick it in.

Get an LS-56 with an octo gate.

thanks for straightening this out for me.