LS-32 on arcade panel with Sanwa mounts?

A while ago i made this 2P arcade stick using an old arcade front panel:

The result was pretty good and currently it works with PS1/2/3, MegaDrive, Saturn and Dreamcast. I have always used Sanwa parts for my sticks but since the only fighter i like is Guilty Gear and i mostly play Shmups i would now like to try out the Seimitsu LS-32.

Problems is that my panel has mounting brackets for Sanwas JLF sticks and there is no matching mounting plate for the LS-32. Here is an inside view of the stick (it’s a bit messy…):

Is it possible to modify a LS-32 so it will fit in my panel? As far as i can tell the LS-56 does actually have a mounting plate that will fit but that’s not joystick i want :slight_smile:

What is the best solution to my problem?

I searched around for an answer but i didn’t find anything. Sorry if this has been asked before.

from the picture, the black jlf base is mounted to the panel? i think the ls-32 “s” bracket has two holes that line up with the two on the jlf. jdm would be able to answer this!

edit- awesome panel btw!

OT: Did you paint an Astro City/HSS-0130 enclosure? That thing is gorgeous.

that paint job looks pimp but do you know where i could get the base that attaches to the top you have with the mounting bracket?

I wondered the same thing at first. I just took this picture that shows that the S-plate on the seimitsu won’t fit :confused: Ruler is in mm.

I think it’s from some Astro like cabinet, not sure really. Here is a picture from when i just got it:

I was planning on using a Sega Saturn HSS-0130 at first but this panel i got instead was a lot cheaper. I got it from

One of my very good friends is one of the best graffiti artitsts in Denmark (no exaggeration) so i had him do the painting :smiley: It took three days and it got six or seven layers of paint :slight_smile:

I got mine from Yahoo Japan using shoppingmalljapan. At the time there was 3 or 4 panels similar to mine but none of them had the base attached. I don’t know what the part you are looking for is called but try yahoo japan :slight_smile:

And thank you all for your positive feedback :smiley: Next step is to switch out the PSX controllers with Cthulhu multiconsole boards and add a connector for JAMMA/MVS play :slight_smile:

Yes, It is me.
I am able to answer.

You want Mounting Plate #6.

They are not available for purchase.
From what I know, it is Custom for Seimitsu LS-32-01 from Sega.

Paik4Life doesn’t have anymore.
But laugh should still have some on hand.

Sega Saturn HSS-0130 come with them too.

ibeatu, remember what I told and showed you?
There is no bottom to the top of Astro City.
One with bottom is on the Blast City.

Yes that looks like it will solve my problem :slight_smile: Sorry if this is a stupid question but who or what is “laugh”?

laugh is SRK Member from Korea.

yea i know jdm it looked like his might of had the bottom so i had to ask :slight_smile: since i do need 1

Hmm i don’t think that mounting plate will fit after all. Look at zeetes first picture of the standard LS-32 mounting plate. The distance between the bends is approximately 58mm, and from your picture it looks like its about the same on plate #6.

Now look at the picture i took. The distance between the bends is 36mm. The number 6 plate wont fit in there.

Oh, you have that kind of Mounting Bracket.
No fit Seimitsu LS-32(-01) then, with anything Mounting Plate.

The area is too small to fit Seimitsu Base.

There are many different Mounting Brackets used for arcade.
You don’t have the cool one.

Kyle, you said you want to see me wrong?
And that you will be happy when?
Well now you see me wrong.

I was not able to help Konsolkongen.
I want to cry now. :crybaby:

Lol maybe then i should get a new one with the wider mounting brackets. I was thinking of getting a new “New Net City” overlay as the one i have is very scratched. Anyone know where i can get one like that?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I laughed hard reading this. The topic was too technical though. I don’t think you lose any points.

Is your original Astro City panel gone? Couldn’t it take an LS-32 if it doesn’t already have one?

Sold it a couple of weeks ago… :confused:

And it had the same mounting brackets as this one come to think of it :slight_smile: I do have another one with the larger brackets but it’s 2x 3 buttons and has a hole in the center for another 24mm button, so i can’t use that either.

Too bad you cannot just buy Seimitsu Astro City Panel.
Then put on New Net City Overlay.

Seimitsu Astro City.

Sanwa Astro City.

Well you can do if you want.
But the holes won’t match.

New Net City (NOM-2001) uses HOT-2005 2L12B.

Here is how an Astro City Overlay (CQN-2004) looks on a HOT-2005.

So imagine the Overlay being Seimitsu Astro City Panel, and the Panel being New Net City Overlay.

If you can find a New Net City that is not cut, then that be cool.
Just cut your own holes to go on Astro City Panel.

Well i guess thats out of the question then… Isn’t it possible to use mounting plate #4 and drill two holes in that? The shaft will be shorter but can’t i get a longer one? I want the shaft about the same length as the Sanwa one if possible.

Now with that said, I have more options for you.

If you want to use Seimitsu RE Mounting Plate and drill new holes, then you can.
And then you will modify the Seimitsu LS-32-01 itself.

The Seimitsu SS Mounting Plate will not fit the Mounting Bracket of yours.

Seimitsu SS Mounting Plate and non-Universal Mounting Bracket.
(Imagine that not having the two holes top and bottom.)

Using Seimitsu RE Mounting Plate works.

Seimitsu RE Mounting Plate and non-Universal Mounting Bracket.
(Imagine that not having the two holes top and bottom.)
(Imagine you drilled new holes to mount in middle.)

Installed Seimitsu LS-32-01 with RE Mounting Plate; unmodified.
(Imagine you drilled new holes to mount in middle.)

But Joystick will be really short, that is why modify like in the link above.
That is why use Seimitsu LS-32-01 with the default SS Mounting Plate.
It gives the 5mm needed.

But the Seimitsu SS Mounting Plate not fit.
If use the Seimitsu RE Mounting Plate, the Shaft will be really short.

Seimitsu LS-32-01 with RE Mounting Plate on non-Universal Mounting Bracket.

Seimitsu LS-32-01 with SS Mounting Plate on Universal Mounting Bracket.

So there you have it.

Another option if you do not want to do the modify Joystick.

You can get a longer Shaft if you want.

You can get a Shaft Extender if you want.

I think you will have Shaft not same length as JLF though.
Because the SS Mounting Plate gives +5mm to get the same height.
But then using RE Mounting Plate (-5mm) with Extender (+13mm) would give a +8mm length.

OK cool i’ll give the RE plate a try. What will give the best hight? Using the shaft extender or the longer shaft? The 13mm the shaft extender adds seems a bit much compared to your two shots.

And there is no way to use the shaft from a Sanwa JLF or Seimitsu LS-56 istead right? Those would have the right height… :confused: