LS-32 on arcade panel with Sanwa mounts?

Here is how the +13mm Shaft Extender looks on a JLF.

So take that and imagine a little shorter due to -5mm from RE Mounting Plate.

So how about i just add a nut (like in nuts and bolts) between the shaft and balltop? It might be a good idea to apply some loctite so it won’t loosen. Isn’t it possible to get round nuts that will look nicer?

EDIT: Now i’m just being stupid. If you say that the extended shaft on his image will be 5mm shorter that would mean something like this:


That’s pretty close to the shaft length on the Sanwas :slight_smile:

I didn’t know they sold a longer version of the LS-32 shaft…

I had the same problem with my candy cab. I could mount a LS-32 with only the flat mounting plate, but the stick sat too low.
I ended up modding the stick with a LS-40 shaft and necessary parts.
I’m not sure if it’s at the exact height now, but it looks and feels like it.

Yes, using LS-40(-01) Shaft on LS-32(-01) will have for longer.

The LS-36-01 installed with SS Mounting Plate.
So imagine with RE Mounting Plate.

So doing that would sound perfect.
Just as bolt9289 said.

So the shaft is actually longer after replacing it with the one from LS-40? It doesn’t say that in his guide, but win if it is :slight_smile: Can i buy the loose parts from the LS-40 without actually buying a complete joystick?

Yes. from.

Kewl. It might take a while until i get it fixed but i’ll be back with pictures when it’s done :slight_smile:


Do you know how to order individual Joystick parts from site?
Many people do not know how to.

At the Joystick of choice, there are two drop-down menus.
One is for Ball Top color, the other is for parts.
Second menu is for parts.

You want #5, #6, #8, #9, #11, #13, #17 of a Seimitsu LS-40(-01). is the only site where you can get these parts.

I didn’t know that. Thanks a lot :slight_smile: