Ls-32 with a lot of wiggle?


So I’ve had my seimitsu stick for a few months now and this is something that’s been noticeable ever since I got it. Everywhere I read that they were supposed to be tighter than sanwa and have a shorter throw. Well mine has an awful lot of wiggle room almost like the spring isn’t being pulled at first and not even the sanwa sticks I had that were worn out did this. It’s a little weird to try and explain but hopefully someone knows what I mean. I’d hate to have to buy a whole new stick.


You sure you aren’t missing the pivot part inside the joystick, or the lubrication part? (I haven’t assembled a Seimitsu, only Sanwa and IL sticks, but I assume the mechanism is at least slightly similar).

Try this site and see if you’re missing something.



You are assuming he taken the joystick apart.

@jshbell256 did you buy your LS-32 new or used?


Nah, that’s just how LS-32 joysticks are, I have never understood the hype about them because the construction quality is low.

The LS-40, 55, and 56 are pretty decent though.


I’ll swear by the Ls-40 personally


Seimitsu levers have more dead zone wobble than a jlf. Don’t focus on it, just play the game and it won’t bother you. I suspect it’s by design to reduce backlash (unintentional opposite direction engagement when letting the lever snap back to neutral), as their levered matsushita microswitches take less force to engage than the omron switches used in a jlf.


@Darksakul I bought it new


Well if that’s just are they are no big deal I thought something was wrong with it was kinda disappointed if I had a lemon lol


Your post is giving me nightmarish memories of some of the old Thrustmaster joysticks that had slop in that shop play in the middle (usually a result of worn gimbals).


If you think the deadzone is a bit much you could consider using the LS-40. Its basically the same thing as an ls-32 but it has a much smaller deadzone.


Or pick up a larger actuator for it.


Except the LS-40 does the same thing and feels a shit ton better than the LS-32.


I thought the ls-40 was more like the jlf


Its spring tension is light (slightly more than a jlf), but other than that it’s completely different.


I never was comparing it to an ls-40. This is just another route to go without having to go out and spend $20 plus shipping on a whole new joystick.


He’s ( @fundando )'s making a good point.
You can buy a $2 part and improve an existing device rather than buy a $25 part and replace it.
The only issue is that shipping will usually cost more than twice as much as the part itself, so you’re best off combining it with other items, or buy some extra spares.


Actually that $2 part requires $6 shipping. Also, it won’t make the lever feel more like a LS-40. I wouldn’t recommend mods I haven’t personally tried to other people unless they are willing to experiment and take one for the team.

What makes the 40 feel so different from the 32/is the superior pivot and higher quality construction. The wiggle room isn’t a problem when you play. You don’t feel it in the heat of a battle. All levers have it to some degree.

Play on your lever until you get used to it. If after a month or so you don’t like it, list it for sale and pick up something else.


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