LS-33 in a Brawl Stick?

Hey SRK,

About a year and a half ago I bought some buttons and a new joystick to mod my Hori T6. Since I have zero soldering skills or experience, I never began the mod. Since then I’ve had 30mm Sanwas and a Seimitsu LS-33 sitting in my garage, unopened.

I’m considering picking up a Brawl Stick to mod and my question is, can the LS-33 go in? It doesn’t have the quick connect that my JLFs did, so I’m unsure if it will work, and even if it does, how would I get it to work?

And if anyone is wondering, the LS-33 is what was recommended when I began researching the T6 mod.

The LS-33 can use the PCB from the LS-55-01 or LS-56-01 that has the pins on it for the wire harness. You can order one from Akihabarashop.

The LS-33 shaft will feel a little short for the brawl stick. You are better off just keeping the default joystick if you cannot get a JLF to replace it.

Ok, cool.

When I picked up my SE back in 2009 I never had any issue with the joystick itself, it was the buttons I was glad to see replaced. I’ll probably just keep the default stick in since I heard MadCatz improved the parts for the Brawl stick.

Thanks guys!

if you do anything to the stick, you should change out the microswitches in the brawlstick.

Like rtdzign said the shaft it´s too short for the brawl stick and the LS-33 has microswitchs apart, you can make a daisy chain but you have to cut the joystick wire connector! Instead you can sell it and buy a LS-58-01 or a LS-56-01!

ParadiseArcadeshop are releasing an adaptor for adding 5-pin connector connectivity for this style of stick soon.

Also, if you used a bat-top with an LS-33, it would sit at the “regular” height.
Or you can try it as-is; I only changed mine out because I’ve mixed components so much, my 33 isn’t “standard” and therefore doesn’t work as it should (too much spring-back).