LS-33 in ex2, fs3, or Wii Fighting stick

Ok I have been scouring the Internet and these forums to find a “how to” or guide, on installing a Seimitsu LS-33 joystick into one of Hori’s cheaper sticks.

I have seen many guides on how to do this with a JLF, but people keep saying a Ls-33 would fit right in but do not offer much more info on how to do it. I also read how to put a stiffer LS-56 spring into it to give it a feel closer to a sanwa.

But still can’t find a guide or pictures on how to do it.

Is it so easy that it’s self explanatory?

Want to order one soon to complete my Tatsunoko Wii stick.

Any guide will work for a EX2, FS3, or the Wii fighting stick.


If you want it to feel closer to a sanwa, why dont you just put the jlf in there instead. Sounds like you want to try an LS33 just because it will be easier to install. If you dont want to do alot of extra work on the jlf you can swap shafts, actuator and eclip with the stock hori stick that comes with the FS3/Wii fightstick. Wont need to grind the shaft or the bottom plate with this method.

I may do something like that, you have the link to that mod? But I think if I’m gonna get a JLF I will borrow or buy a dremel and do the complete

But if I could just drop in a LS-33 that would be great.

Youll need a dremel anyway if your gonna swap the buttons too.
Sorry no link, pretty sure its talked about in the fs3 mod thread.

Already swapped the buttons. Used a jewlers file.