LS-33 w/ spring mod vs. HAPP stick

So I have an EX2 and while it does the job for now, I’m certainly going to mod it once I get a feel for what needs to be changed.

I grew up using HAPP sticks and thought I would hate a looser stick but I actually feel quite the opposite: it’s much easier for me to control with a looser stick. I hear the LS-33 fits into an EX2 fairly easily but may feel too loose.

How is an LS-33 w/ spring mod in comparison to a stock HAPP stick? I’m looking for something between the stock EX2 and the HAPP, but closer to the EX2.

Thanks for your help, SRK

if a single Seimitsu spring feels too loose, you could always put in an extra length of spring inside the other.

My ideal spring setup is 1 and ~1/3 sanwa springs. Not too tight not too loose

For something between a Happ and the default knockoff Hori stick, you will want to mod it with:

  • a Seimitsu LS-33 as it isthe only joystick that will actually fit in the EX2 without adding Hori parts

  • an LS-55 or 56 spring. Test out both for preference. They are cheap. If they are both too strong then you can put the default spring back in.

  • and an octagonal gate to make it closer to the Happ. If you don’t like it you can always put the default square one back on.

You should also replace the buttons with Sanwa or Seimitsu 30mm snap-ins.

You can get all the parts from

Yes, i intend to add sanwa 30mm obsf snap-ins.

as for the stick:
-an ls-33
-a LB-30N bat top w/ adapter
-a sanwa gt-y 8 way gate
-i will get both suggested springs and see which i like best

that should do the trick, i think. any reason the gt-y gate won’t fit on the ls-33 stick? many thanks

  • LS-33
  • LB-30N (adapter is included with the battop so dont buy extra)
  • LS-56 Octagonal Main Guide (fits LS-55 and LS-33 also), GT-Y dont fit LS-33.
    You can find it under: Arcade - Joysticks - Accessories.

Looks like this:

and don’t put a battop on that ls33 unless you are really going to tighten up the spring. It will be way way loose.

Yeah, definitely do TheRealNeoGeo’s spring mod with an LS-55 or 56 spring. You can find a guide on his youtube account listed in his signature.

Happ>jp sticks

I just did that spring mod buy with a jlf spring worked ok also aded tape to the shaft to shorten throw.

I think the JLF spring is still too loose, but if it works for you then that’s all that matters.

well it is better than the ls33 stock spring. I just didn’t want to ruin an ls56 since I’ll use it while I won’t be using the jlf. It’s not as stiff as I’d like but if it’s ok your lap that’s kinda ok.

you can buy an LS-56 or 55 spring for less than a buck at Look in the scrolldown menu on the joysticks page

I don’t live in japan. I’ll get it on my next order.