LS-38 thread

All right! Something (almost) new from seimitsu!

From the arcade shock website:

"Seimitsu unveiled it’s new LS-38-01-SC joystick at JAEPO 2015 in February, but literally only had 1 unit, which was their prototype displayed at the show. We tested out this stick on the spot and was thoroughly impressed with it’s feel and resistance.

Using the LS-32 pcb, they tightened up the springs to increase the resistance over all of their current fight sticks. Like any other joystick, the feel is a personal preference and while Sanwa Denshi’s JLF will suit some, the LS-38-01 will suit others.

We’re currently using this joystick in one of our QanBa Q2’s and found this to be spot on for accuracy and response. This stick is up there now as one of our favorite sticks. "


Please share your thoughts and impressions!

So its an LS-32 with a spring mod?

Seems like it, although I wonder just how stiff it is. I doubt that they made it like an LS-56, but who knows. In any case, it’s nice that people who want a stiffer LS-32 don’t need to fight to the death with that damn clip on the lever.

New/different manufacturer of microswitches too, right?

When it was announced, it seemed like that was the case, but there is no mention of it here. I really hope there are still levered microswitches. I’d love to see someone confirm what switches are in there and how they compare to the ones in the LS-32.

I’m sure they’re still levered, but the Matsushita microswitches Seimitsu uses are now out of production. I believe they went with levered Omrons in the LS-60, I would guess this is the same sort of deal.
I’m wondering which Seimitsu lever it best compares to, AS’s write up was about as vague as possible beyond referencing extra tension. It would be helpful if they would at least show the underside.

Great, a even more grindy stick…

Mine just came in. Here’s a pic of the underside.

its labeled as an ls 32 so i am guessing it really is just a spring mod.

Kinda kidding but seriously…yawn.

Totally, btw Seimitsu does that anyway. The PCB on LS-55-01 is labeled as LS-33 and guess what, doesn’t even exist a pcb version of LS-33 for sale.

What are your impressions of the stick so far?

No mention of new switches, i suspect they might just be downplaying it.

Even if it has new switches, so will the new runs of the LS-32. So in essence it really does just seem like a spring mod.

So I finally got my LS-38. I now see the differences between this and the LS-32.
Its a spring mod and a different shaft, as the shaft can accept shaft covers.

The Pivot still jumps when you hit the gate too hard, I not sure to call it a con or not as some people don’t mind.
For others the jumping pivot can be a training aid.

the LS-38 is also more convenient to install in your standard HRAP or TE than the LS-32 since there is no S-plate nonsense, right? just have to angle your screwdriver a bit to get under the levers pcb on one side if you are using the 4 screw holes.

The lever sits a bit lower than others like JLF which may help contribute to the shorter throw feeling. it stands about 5cm above the panel on my HRAP EX, compared to the 5.2cm of the LS-56, 5.7cm for the JLF, 7cm for Crown-307 FK, and 8cm for the IL Eurostick.

I have enjoyed the feeling of this stick so far as a charge-character player on USFIV.

The shorter mounting height is a product of not using an S-plate. If you prefer it shorter, you wouldn’t need one on a LS-32 either.

What are your thoughts about this stick? I know that it’s the same as a LS-32 with mods, but for 2 bucks more you get it ready to use

Very stiff. It’s a spring mod. The end.