LS-40-01 issue


hey gals n gents!

ok so i bought 3 LS-40-01 sticks a few months ago (3 TOPS) (one in a ps3 te, 360 te, and a hori sa (360)).

the te’s are fine no issues. the sa however i have a slight issue with. when i press up (to jump) its stiff, down (duck) fine, left (block for p1) fine, right (p1 move forward) stiff. and today while grinding in training it sometimes goes into walk forward for p1 side.

is this a sign of a dying stick? are the mirco switches gummed up and need TLC? or is this common when breaking this stick? (i have used sanwas before and never had an issue)

thanks in advance!


i dont mean to bump this, but does anyone have any advice?


I would take the stick out and take it apart. There be foreign object stuck in there somewhere. I’ve never had any issues with joysticks but I have had a small piece of art get inside a button somehow


thanks for the reply

i just opened up it up and took it all apart (stick) and nothing. put the 4 switches in my hand and moved them around as mentioned above and same thing.


Is it attached with a harness?

It kind if sounds like that MAY be upside down with what you are describing.

Just a thought.