How do I attach an LS-40-01 to a SE Stick?

Same as you do LS-32-01.
You need to use the SS Mounting Plate from LS-32-01 to have LS-40-01 as correct height.

thanks man, also, what should i do if i messed up one of the disconnect things for the se?

You wont.

Are you talking about the Buttons?

Yeah, when I was trying to pull out the regular buttons the thing connected to the button got stuck in the quick disconnect…

Yes, that can happen.
To new people it happens.
Very small number of happening.

I’m guess you are saying that the Microswitch is still stuck on the Quick Disconnect?
And the Microswitch is not with the Button anymore?

I don’t know what you are saying.
There are many parts that can get stuck to the Quick Disconnect being with Microswitch.

Cannot help unless I know.

The Microswitch is stuck in the Quick Disconnect

Just pull if off?
You didn’t break anything?

wait the quick disconnects are the different colored cords in the fightstick right?

No, the colored things are wires.
And at the end of each wire is Quick Disconnect.
And each Quick Disconnect has a Vinyl Sleeve over it.

The Quick Disconnect connects to the gold color thing at the end of Microswitch seen in the picture above.

How can I replace a Quick Disconnect?

Cut if off.
Buy a new one.

Strip off a bit of insulation from the wire.
Insert wire into Quick Disconnect.
Crimp the Quick Disconnect.

What did you do to yours?

I couldnt pull the microswitch off so i got frustrated so i pulled as hard as I could and something got stuck in the Quick disconnect! So those will fit right?

Something got stuck in the Quick Disconnect?
The thing stuck would be one of the Microswitch Terminals then.

Getting new Quick Disconnect will not solve your problem.
You need a new Microswitch also.

Mad Catz Microswitch are not available anywhere.
You have to replace the whole Mad Catz Button with Sanwa or Seimitsu.
Or if you only use 6-Button, then use one of the unused Buttons to replace.

yeah i bought new sanwas! thats why i took it out the defaults and the terminal got stuck in it i guess.

Oh! That is good then.
Just get new Quick Disconnect and you done.

So these fit with SE Wires?

LL Quick Connect, .110" Insulated

I gave you that link above.
Why would I give you something wrong?

I’m Tech Talk.
I am never wrong.
And never been wrong.

Oh and BTW with an LS-40-01 Do i have to solder anything? I tried hooking up the thing from the PCB onto the LS-40-01 to try it out but it wouldnt stay on.

Just plug the connector it all.

The Mad Catz Connector was not made to mate with the JST NH Connector that Sanwa and Seimitsu use.
Secure with hot glue.