LS-56-01 sizing?

Hi guys, couldn’t find a thread to post this in, just a quick question.
I’ve ordered an LS-56-01 but the sites online (akihabara shop and gremlin solutions were the ones I tried) don’t have sizing for the mounting plate or the screw holes
Problem is I’m ordering a case and they don’t know the sizes either lol

What’s the size of the mounting plate including spacing of the screw holes on an LS-56-01?

Thanks again guys

EDIT: just making the post more coherent - (SCREW PROOF-READING)

This is of the included Seimistu VF mounting plate, by

The two screws that are the farthest out to the edge are the ones to be mounted to the case. The four in the square pattern are what are attached to the Seimitsu joystick.

On a related note the if the VF plate wont work you can always swap it out for a MS plate. Seimitsu MS plate is compatible with a case that is made for a sanwa JLF provided that it uses the part of the oval hole farthest from the joystick.

It matches up to the JLF plate on the outer most radius closest to the edge.

thanks guys there is a link to the mounting plate on akihabara shop but it wasn’t responding for me o_o
sorry for the annoying noobie questions lol near the bottom

Ahh nice one, thanks didn’t think of that
I was just on the LS-56 page and there was a link to the mounting plate or something but when I clicked it nothing happened (link in the lower left of the screen said javascript void though)

So if I’m reading this drawing right, are the outside screws 4 mm in diameter? on image to close window

What kind of screw would work for this?