LS 58 01 Thread and Questions

Now that this stick is available via online retailers, has anyone picked one up? It’s supposedly very similar to the 56 model.

I’m really interested in getting one for a stick, but does anyone know of a commercially available hollow shaft that fit the 56 model? I’m looking to do a full LED mod, and need to know if it’s possible without trying to hollow one myself.

Any info / reviews on this new Seimitsu stick are appreciated. Some folks (honestly) prefer Seimitsu stuff to the Sanwa :stuck_out_tongue:


I have hollowed out a 56 myself and installed in my hyperstick I have never seen a what you call a “commercial” version mostly all hollow shafts are done by indiviuals with a metal lath
you have to be careful if you plan to drill it out your self there is less room for error and you will end up coming out the side and 58 shafts are harder to come by if you mess it up

oh and if you are looking for a 58 video games new york has them in stock

Thanks for the info. Yeah I saw VGNY has them, along with a few other places.

If you do drill it only use cobalt(not the brand) metal bits it is a fact that they cut stainless much much better than any other metal no brand preference not good for wood or sheet metal though

Ok thanks. I might do so, might just use a 32 instead :frowning:

I just got a sample of the LS-58-01 stick in the post this morning. Comes with a clear bubbletop, clear shaft cover and dust cover. Also has the LS-32-01 mounting plate and the pcb is a “LS-33”.

If you need any further details/photos let me know.

How does it feel? Will it take the same gates as the LS-56? If it uses the LS-32-01 mounting plate, does this mean it has a shorter shaft?

it looks the same as the 56 to me so if it’s just a 56 with clear shaft/dust covers, bubble top and a more sensible mounting plate then cool I guess

I read these come with MS plates which is good considering that’s the extra plate you buy for the 56 to mount in place of the JLF. Let’s see some action shots already!

It has the shorter throw like the ls-56-01 but stiffness of the LS-55-01. In otherwords slightly softer spring than the 56.

Any photos would be awesome, thank you.

Incorporating one of these into your super sticks?

Here is the official description

LS-58-01-CX & LS-58-01-X
New Seimitsu joystick for 2011! LS-58-01 uses same base as LS-56-01 but with a little softer spring.
LS-58-01-CX differs from the LS-58-01-X by using clear parts (LB-39 balltop and clear shaft).

Heres some photos of the stick aswell as some comparison shots of it next to the LS-55-01. Sadly I didnt have a LS-56-01 to compare it to. The reason I am comparing it to the ls-55-01 is because its using the same pcb and restrictor plate but just has a softer spring.

The distance between the mounting plate and the bottom of the restrictor plate is longer on the ls-58-01 which is probably why the throw is short like the 56-01.

The shaft length should be the same as the 56. I’m still wonder about the S-plate for the LS-58 (maybe make the shaft a little longer when mounting it in a TE or stick with a similar universal mount bracket?)

There was supposed to be a clear red-shafted, red bubbletop version of the LS-58-01-CX available. It was shown at the trade show in Akihabarashop’s trade show pictures. Was it just not produced or is Aki not listing it for some reason???

With Aki’s orders, you choose the mounting plate you want – MS, VF, or SS.

I’m tempted to buy one of the CX models in the near future…


If you are going to get this stick then dont get it with the SS plate shown as it results in the balltop being higher than the standar/regulation height.

This is the height from the bottom of the balltop to the top of the control panel using a JLF which equals= 21.5mm

The height of the ls-58-01 with the SS mounting plate shown is 27.5mm.

Thats a very noticable +6mm (1/4"). WTH

I know the height on the vlx is about 24mm but this is even higher. I would say get the MS mounting plate or any other flat mounting plate that fits if you want the balltop to be at the right height.

sweet…i always thought most shafts are too short :smiley: i’m definitely getting an LS-58-01 now…


Any chance you could take a quick shot of the shaft looking down on it? To see how much room there is to start (for those looking to hollow one out). Thanks in advance if so.

<- also excited about a longer than standard shaft (giggity).

(sorry for the delay in getting back to you, I knew I was forgetting something.)

the diameter of the bottom of the shaft is much smaller than the regular JLF shaft.

The diameter of the slotted end of the shaft is 6mm which means there is very little room for error otherwise you will end up coming out the side like RosserRooster said. I feel that if you hollowed it with a 3mm drill bit then it may affect the structural strength of the bottom of the shaft where the C clip goes on.

Thanks much, bad news is better than no news.

I’m sure you are almost to the point of being sick of hearing it, but you’re the best. Thanks for all the info.

The LS-58-01 is different outside but the same inside in comparison to the ls-56, only difference is the tension that i would say is medium while 56 has heavy tension. Although, i took the ls-58-01 spring off and looks like exactly the same as 56, even so, the 58 feel slightly soft.

For people who dot not know ls-56, it has a super fast engagement. So people who is used to do large motion may have accidental engagement, and people who is used to short motion or plays moderate, may love…mostly for fast games.

Quick question, will that stick become the new Seimitsu standard?