LS-60 silent or soft


Has anyone ( points @hibachifinal‌ ) verified if the ls-60 is silent or just soft?


i was going to bump the other thread to ask the same thing. sells them now according to their website. in the product description, they mention nothing about noise reduction. just “improved touch” (whatever that means) and light spring pressure, which we already knew it would have.

even if it’s not silent, if it’s quieter than existing seimitsu sticks to some small degree, at least it would have some purpose.


Oic. Thanks!


I wouldn’t bother, unless you like a wimpy stick. They probably made it feel more like the JLF because of Sanwa domination and LS-56 is an easy drop in replacement with no s-plate or otherwise needed. Still, if people didn’t like the LS-58 because of the softer spring, I don’t think they’ll like the LS-60 any better.

When it comes to sticks, I think Seimitsu is really out of touch. Love their buttons though.


I like 40 and 56 waiting on 32sc to come in mail. The rest seem like poo