Ls dp rs function mc cthulu


Being trying my hand at google not much luck :frowning: is there any info about the ls dp rs function on the ps3 madcatz te via mc cthulu ?

Just installed the cthulu and led mod seems to work fine. But as I’m making room and cleaning up wires in the case making room for USB yada yada

…suddenly it occurs to me without the main board attached at all there is no way to switch between ls dp rs
Does cthulu support this do need to do another mod as well now ?

Curious because some games only support stick and not dpad like let’s say strider for ps3 :confused:

Any help would be much appreciated thanks :smiley:


The cthulu does both LS and DP at the same time.
For PS3 games this is perfect as only the one that needed is listened to by the game
For certain PC games that needs only LS or DP for configuration (not both)

Now if I remember right
Holding Start or Select will force DP or LS mode (I forgot which button does which)


Awesome just what I was hoping to hear :smiley: thanks everyone specially toodles :B you guys rock


I have never had an issue using joysticks powered by MC Cthulu on PC or Mac.
Doesn’t seem to matter what emulator or specific game I’m playing… the joystick HAS been picked up and registered by everything I’ve thrown at it.
The story behind the Cthulu is that Toodles (the creator of that PCB) supposedly modeled it after the Hori HRAP PCB for the PS3.
The Hori PCB is fairly reliable, too, and I haven’t had a single PS3 HRAP NOT work on my PC or Mac so far. The only thing you have to be aware with the official Hori (PS3) PCB IS the LS/DP/RS function. The setting you have to use depends on the program you’re trying to use the joystick with… You have to figure that on your own because there are so many different PC’s out there. Generally, if your joystick lever itself doesn’t work with a program, it means the LS/DP/RS button is set incorrectly and all you have to do is switch between LS and DP. It’s that simple most of the time. (The other issue that generally explains “joystick difficulties” is that people haven’t set up programs correctly to recognize joystick buttons and directions. You have to do that one button/input at a time when you use a joystick for the first time with many programs.)
There are just too many configurations of processors/motherboards/graphics chips out there that make it a bear to qualify hardware for everything out on market. It’s pretty much luck of the draw in PC-ville. Most of us who are pre-Windows 8 and on older machines are still okay… I think there has been more rumbling recently about Windows 8.1/newer PC hardware issues.


I’m not 100% sure, but don’t you mean the Virtua Stick High Grade?


Well the Toodles PCBs has a VSHG mode. I believe the standard PS3/PC mode operates on Hrap standards.


Just browsing through tech talks threads that catchy eye. Both Cthulus and the one chimp I’ve owned all defaulted to vshg.


It shouldn’t unless you shorted something.


They each did, even when plugging in to test before before adding any wiring


To be more clear. Straight out of the box-plug in usb- shows up as Virtua stick high grade.