Ls32-01 mounting plate


Im seriously out of idea of where to ask this. But i cant find the measurement of how deep in need to recess my top panel to fit the S-plate that come with the ls32-01.

I want to fit it on top by the way.



This is something you’d ask Per aka TheRealNeoGeo about.


I measured my S-plate from its top to bottom and got a slight hair over .25". So slight that if you tightened it hard enough, it would be flush if you recessed it .25".


dunno if this helps but here’s the measurements for the S plate:

and for the regular one:



thanks everyone!


make the stick sit 1/4 below the plexi.


The mounting plate is 5mm from the top of the mounting plate to top of the bottom plate where the holes are.

The plate itself is about 1mm, so if you want to have a 23mm difference between the bottom of the ball of the stick to the top of the panel, you should make the holes for the LS 32-01 10mm from the top of the top panel you create.

That’s 5mm of depth for the mounting plate (so it’s flush with the layer beneath the top panel) + 4mm for the top panel + 1mm of depth for the plate itself. This is because an LS 32-01 has a 27mm difference between the bottom of the ball to the top of the mounting plate, so you just need to trim 4mm off of that to get the ‘popular’ arcade mounting height.

It’s hard to find this information, to be honest. I had to search a LOT and buy the parts myself just to see the measurements.


oh my… so much information…

so i need to recess more than just the 5mm of the plate? i need to recess 10mm to get it right?

if my top panle is 3mm plexi will i get it right?


10mm is including the top plate.

If you have 3mm of plexi, that should be fine, too. You’ll have 24mm of space between the bottom of the ball top and the top of your top panel.

I would recess it 6mm because the plate itself is 1mm while the drop is 5mm. If you make it 6mm in drop, the top of the mounting plate will be exactly flush with the rest of the panel at that height.


thanks much AK