LS32 switches?


Hey guys, anyone know where i can buy replacement micro switches for the LS-32(not -01). Trying to see how much it will cost to rebuild one. I would check the Aki Shop but theyre close as usual.


Might want to shoot an email to Chad over at LizardLick. Maybe you could work out something with him. Good luck!


thanks, ill give it a shot


Only place I’ve ever seen offer the switches alone is Akihabarashop.

Heck, Aki is the only place I’m aware of that sells Seimitsu AND Sanwa springs by themselves. Most places seem to specialize in selling one or the other!

Granted, out of all the people who do sell the parts in the US, Chad/Lizard Lick is probably your best shot…

Remember – switches don’t got out of style (unless they’re manufactured by and for Happs{!})), but container and plunger caps do!


Im pretty sure AKI has them, but ill pay so much for shipping. Im gonna give LL a shot. If LL lets me down, guess ill have to pick up some more GN buttons while im ordering. lol


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