LT on TE stick acting like its being held down


Hey guys,

So when you push the LT button down the game reads it, but then from then on it acts like you’re holding it down. I already tried replacing the button with another button that is correctly working and it still did the same thing. Any suggestions? Thanks!

EDIT: The stick is modded to have the MC Cthulu, and Imp inside of it. This is an Xbox 360 TE.


Bog standard “pics of the innards” reply.

We can’t tell what’s wrong simply from your description.


Alright, so here’s what we got.

When pushing the LT button down, the controller continues to act like the button is being held down. Even if you disconnect the button at this point, it will still act like its being held down. If you disconnect the button from the MC Cthulu screw down crimp, it still acts like its being held down.

When trying to activate turbo on RT and/or LT neither will activate. However, RT does act like its working properly minus turbo activation.

This stick is not actually mine, its my brother-in-laws, so I am currently waiting on him to email me pictures of the innards. I will upload them as soon as I get them. Thanks!


It could be the issue I had. On the Button distro board, try jumping the ground on Start and Back (kgnd) with the ground on the other buttons (gnd) and see if that helps.

Note this fix will disable the tournament lock.



Here are the pictures of his stick’s innards. Any help would be awesome. Thanks!


Pics are posted :smiley:



When desoldering the wire from the Mad Catz PCP and completely removing it from the stick so that its not connected to the MC Cthulu either, the LT and RT buttons function correctly. However, if the controller is plugged into a PS3 the LT button obviously won’t work. Any suggestions?

Use a meter to test voltage to be sure, but it sure sounds like it.


Update: It seems to be working now. Apparently a piece near the Start button soldering point looked a little burnt. So he grabbed that piece from a regular 360 pad and it all seems to be working now! Thanks guys!