LTB: 8-Bit Character Necklaces


does anyone on here make or know anyone that makes/sells them? i know a few people looking to have some characters made…let me know :slight_smile:

and no, im not good with crafts and will not do it myself, i want to spend money on it…thnx


I do perler bead necklaces. Is that what you’re talking about? Something like this?


yeah those are perfect actually

im looking to have a spencer made (love your bionic commando though…lol)
also looking for a taskmaster
and i know a buddy of mine is looking for a Juri


Your in luck. I’ve recently done an Juri and I own a Taskmaster myself since he’s my main character in Marvel. If you don’t want BioCom, I’ll have to look for another model. I’ll put picks up of Juri and Task in a bit and you can tell me if you like them.


Any Rose ones in production anytime soon? fingers crossed


yeah for sure dude…post them up


I mean, I can make the 8 bit versions of almost any character. I believe there is a Rose out there somewhere



awesome!!! something looks odd about tasky’s face though…lol…but yeah, see if u can make a spencer for me…preferably showing off his arm

how much do u charge for these by the way?


I made Taskmaster skull an off white instead of normal white. I can do normal white for you if you like. Also, they look more clear once its been melted together.

Usually $15 each. With $4 for shipping. But if you’re going to order 3, I won’t charge for shipping.


the guy who wanted juri fell threw…but i am still interested in the spencer/tasky…but i was wondering if u can somehow get them in the red attires from the game? hopefully it wont be too much trouble…and to save for the shipping, i’ll take an Akuma also :slight_smile:


I have reds that I can use. Dunno how it’s going to come out, but I can see how it goes! I’ve done Akuma as well. Should be easy. Finding Spencer stuff from modern games is not easy apparently. I haven’t seen an 8 bit one anywhere in this style. All the other once seem to be too big.


Ok, I think I found some thing useable.


that spencer looks good…the tasky too…in red though…lol…i dont like that akuma…he looks weird! if thats your model akuma, i would just prefer a red hawkeye…lol


This is how my Akuma came out.


ok that akuma is sick…ahh that yang is sick too…fml…lol


Real, you only do Marvel characters? Totally looking to get Cody from SF done!


can i get an iron fist one done?


Would someone be kind to make me a necklace with a Pokemon character? Email me please. Willing to pay for A quality :slight_smile:


I don’t know if anyone else still does this, but my buddy makes the perler bead necklaces and charges a pretty fair price last I remember. His facebook (with examples of things that he’s done) is here: