LTB: a few games +

Blue ray or regular dvd’s, Horror movies, Anime Box Sets, Final Fantasy XIII Limited Edition Strategy guide and possibly cheap laptop. Possibly more when i get some more green.

Some specific movies im looking for:
Boondock Saints 2
The Forbidden Kingdom
The Hangover

Ai Yori Aoshi complete season with bonus disc Enishi 1& 2 - $45
Bleach heat of the soul 3 - $20
Samurai Deeper Kyo Dvd 1&3 - $8 each

When you say DJ Beatmania do you mean the US version? And when you say a II controller are you looking for IIDX, III, etc? I didn’t even know there was a II that wasn’t DX.

If you’re looking for Beatmania US, I have it but it’s at home (not at my dorm) so it would be a couple weeks before I could ship it. Let me know though.

i am assuming he means iidx but yeah there were beatmania ii cabs you can see them in uh the tatsujin videos in 6th style i think

Oh man 6th style videos were great. They had LISU AAA Yesterday[a] and V[a] and some other guy AAA Linus[14a] holy shit those were awesome.

e: that was my first IIDX game so I know none of those are really huge accomplishments (except for V) but I still remember them as being crazy cool.

whats better game/controller wise ^^;? i didn’t know there was a difference, i just saw it at Anime Boston last week and wanted to get a copy for myself.

It’s a matter of preference, but most people who have played on the Japanese KOCs usually claim they are better than the US version. They are also the players who have been playing for years and years and are used to their imported controllers, even though the localized release fixed a lot of problems with the keys that required maintenance/modding on the Japanese ones. JKOCs and USKOCs are both inferior to arcade-style controllers (ASC) though, although an ASC is completely overkill for a beginner to the series and not necessary at all, as either KOC is completely adequate because you’re going to be playing the same songs over and over and over and over again to learn.

That being said, I have a USKOC in great condition and a copy of beatmania US that’s practically never been used that I can sell ya. I have the USKOC in my possession right now, and even though the game is at my parent’s house I can get them to ship it to you as soon as you pay. How about $50 for both, plus shipping for the controller? (I can cover the cost of mailing the game, haha)

Updated my search ^^

What’s “cheap” for a laptop?

$200-300 for now…still waiting on reponse from a job -_-’

Search Updated

Still looking