LTB Marvel vs Capcom 2 code

Can’t get to the mall to buy one for the PS 3 so if anyone here has one up for grabs let me know ^-^.



sorry i forgot to mention i need it for the ps3

No one?

Those retail mvc2 copies are pretty scarce * only 15,000 * made.

most likely if you didnt reserve one you didnt get it.

Just go to a 7-11 and buy a psn card from there and download the game at home.

really i never saw anything saying they were limited to 15,000…

there are tons in 2 gamestops near my house im gonna get 1 tomorrow i guess just for kicks

i just saw it on capcomunity. looks like i’ll be hoarding them since im a collector ;d

Al if there is chance u can get me one for ps3 will pay including shipping too. thanks.

i will get a try to get as many as i can tomorrow Dios is right they are in my gamestops but they are scarce now. i’ll sell you one but remember you’re in canada you might need to pay slightly higher shipping because i will need to send it with a tracker. just lettin ya know.

sure, how big is the card size. if u ship to canada the price should be 4.99 or 5.99 for shipment.

i had capcom vs marvel 2 vinyl record shipped from san diego and it only cost 5.99. that envelope was big lol. so let me know, shipping isnt a problem. thanks

the discs are still available on

You mean ps2/xbox mvc2 discs right?

PS3 mvc2 is a download voucher card in a ps3 retail box.

there isn’t a 7-11 within an hour drive. the closest place that sells them is the mall and thats and hour drive exact. is where I was considering ordering one from. I wonder if you can request them to email you the code instead of waiting for shipping?

i doubt it.

IIRC the code can be used three times right?

no idea

nvm ps3

i actually have a few back at home :frowning:
i wouldnt mind helping out the SRK community but you would have to wait about 3 months for school to be over
let me know if you are still interested