LTB: Seimitsu bat top

Looking for one, pm/post if you have one for sale.

Not to say they certainly do not exist, but I’ve never even heard of one before. If you get the little screw-on adapter, I think you should be able to pop a Sanwa bat-top on a Seimitsu LS-32…

ah, thanks, if they don’t exist I’d be looking for an adapter and sanwa bat top then.

has em :slight_smile:

its WILLING to buy, WTB

not looking


WTB traditionally means “want to buy”…

Looks like people only have corrections for you.

WTB means “Wanting To Buy”

I’ve never heard of “Willing To Buy”. LTB means “Looking To Buy”.

Wow 8 posts and all I learned was f*cken acronyms!

Talk me on IRC Parry, I can hook you up.