LTB vs Cancer LTB 1/Cancer 0 Get well Soon LTB!

Yes this is real and no joke. I wanted to send my wishes out to LTB to completely defeating this evil foe.

LTB is currently Rushing down cancer and is Tiger uppercutting hsi way through surgery as we speak!

Be strong like we know you are John and beast on through to health my friend! Best to you and will see you soon at the Dojo talking about your OCV victory!

If anyone else would like to send there good positive thoughts towards John getting through this, he will be checking this thread while recovering from the hospital.

Ultra that weak ass down back holding cancer John!!!

Jason “Afro” Cole

Shit, I had no idea.

Get well soon John.

Do work John. When you feel better we’ll get some more hype to make up for the time you lost.

get well better LIFE TIME BOY! aka John. come back stronger than ever.

I also had no idea. I don’t think I have met you, but I want to wish you a speedy recovery.

Hope you have a quick recovery John.

Take care John, beat that down and get back to us as soon as you can.

good luck John…do work…just remember cancer is some low tier shit compared to top tier LTB…

Good luck John. Get well soon man.

Damn. Get well soon dude!

You play Sagat. That’s more than enough strength to beast on cancer. Speedy recovery, LTB!

Just f.roundhouse the shit out of cancer! Get well soon, dooooode!

Stupid cancer. :tdown:

Get well soon, John. Then milk the cancer-patient-sympathy for everything you can. :bgrin: You’ve earned it.

Just to let everyone know, John is doin well. He got home from the hospital not to long ago and is chillin. LTB FADC Ultra is to mighty for Cancer!!!


Here’s to a full and speedy recovery.


Get well soon man!

Just take it easy for the first few days - good luck on the recovery!

Best of luck to you John, glad to hear you’re doing fine.

John, glad you’re doing well! You don’t know me very well, but I was training with you once as Zangief and you were at AFRODOJO. If you need anything, feel free to ask man. No one deserves fucking cancer.

Keep us updated John/Jcole!

Get well soon LTB. Fuck that shit up.