Lubing your stick


Tired of the spring binding and crunch sounds i decided to open up my Happ competition. After looking over it it and seeing what makes physical contact i used a synthetic based lube gel. I did the pivot at the top and the cylinder inside after removing the bottom plate the cherry switches are attached to. I also used a lighter synthetic oil and placed a thin coat on the actuator. This stick is as smooth as butter. I even lightly coted the spring and now there is no binding anymore. I dont know if this was discussed previously except for Sanwa and Seimitsu sticks, but i thought i would share.

BTW i used Super Lube oil and gel. They can be found at ACE hardware store’s. One of the finest lubricants IMO, and it wont attack plastic or nylon parts like petroleum based products.


I’m sure you could have worded the title a little better


I grew up using chap-stick. It also worked well for guerrilla maintenance on machines the operators couldn’t bother to take care of properly.

Slice up small disks of chap-stick, drop them under the dust cover, mush it around. It might take a few, but it helped with sticky Mortal Kombat joysticks.


Chapstick was a popular mention in the Sanwa/Semitsu lube threads. Apparently HRAP’s are better when they smell like cherry.

Actually, I’d venture a guess that anything used for the Japanese sticks would work pretty well in a Happ too.

It’s funny, I never really thought of lubricating a Happ, I guess because Happ themselves never put it on. Doing the actuator is a pretty cool idea, especially with all the new Happ stuff being so rough. You can’t like… get it in your microswitches and mess them up or anything though, can you?


Yeah, the thread title was a bit of a joke, anyway, i only lubed wear spots on the stick. I did not lube the outside of the actuator or the micro switch contacts as it is not needed.