Lubricating Joystiq On TE


Hey guys, I was wondering if there was a way to lubricate the joystiq on the TE and if so how. Also, what’s the best type of lubrication I can use and where can I get it from?

One more thing, does lubricating it make a notable difference? The one at the arcade near me is REALLY soft, would lubricating make as easy as that stick?


You’ll need to dismantle the joystick to lubricate the necessary part (pivot). The only difference it will make is if the old lube has petrified and it felt kinda ‘grindy’.

Best lube might be Shin-Etsu G-40M Silicone Grease, but it’s ridiculously expensive stuff. You could try any silicone lube, or axle grease from a mechanics yard.

Don’t use vegetable cooking oil like a friend of mine did a while back. Nghhhh…


go to any honda dealership and get the shin-etsu G-30M (G-3W-0-M is same thing). honda part number is 08798-9013. this is equivalent to the G-40M and alot more affordable. I not sure but I think I picked up some for 14 bucks compare that to the price of the G-40M


The softness comes from a broken-in (or almost dead) spring.

You can replace the spring in the JLF with springs meant for Seimitsu LS-33 (very soft) or LS-55 (medium soft) IIRC


Kikmaru is right about the Spring, as far as the lube Dow Molycoatworks well.