Lucas Arts RIP thread

They hit some out of the park, had a few major flops. All in all that was a good run. RIP Lucas Arts.

Here’s to hoping Disney creates something magical with the franchise.

Not sure how I feel about this. While I love their classic stuff (Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle, Full Throttle, X-Wing, TIE Fighter, Dark Forces, etc.) the stuff they’ve been doing the past few years (when they stopped doing anything but Star Wars games) has been rather meh.

I started mmo’s with SWG. It was an epic time in my cave dwelling nerds days :expressionless:

But I know what you mean with the more recent releases, they seemed to feed into and contour to a more simplistic market, I felt that hurt the enjoyment of the Star Wars universe.

Btw can you move this thread? I think I accidentally posted in the wrong section :frowning: eek

It’s best to go out on a high note. They’ll still be around as a brand, just not a dev studio.

That you did…and we already know.

Yeah. The acquisition is a bit older, but I think the news of shut down of Lucas arts happened today-ish