Luciano Leone's av request thread



[]I make em in a specific style, I can stray from it but it might not be as good… see examples for what kind of shit to request
]I dont know how to animate shit with moving sprites so dont request that
[]No anims (or only really simple anims) if you’re non-prem
]The more specific you are the better, have image recommendations ready if you want
[*]Please credit me

My kinda shit… not necessarily all dinosaurs, just check the style :rofl:

Other shit I made (I can do other shit too but I try to stick to the style above cause that shit’s fun, and it will get done quicker… especially if I’m drunk)

Fire away yall

-The Luc

Bump… anyone want an av? <—this thread =D

You might want to ask someone else to do that av, I don’t know how to use animated sprites… if you want me to make an unanimated morrigan av with your name and stuff, I could do that?

Yeah, if you could that would be fine

Hey Chipp… holy shit sorry I totally forgot I made an av request thread! Let me know if you still wanted me to make you a morrigan av, my man

Requests open

lol how drunk are u?

Pretty drunk

more dinosaurs

thanks man, this new AV rocks. its not about Dinosaurs but Zangief kind of look like a T Rex.