Luciano Leone's Paintings

Over the past week I decided that I’d like to pursue painting. Well today I decided to act on it, and came up with my first painting ever.

Susan Storm
11"x14" canvas with water based acryllics

Inspired by:

Sorry for the quality, one of these days I’ll take it to kinkos and get a scan or something. Til then, thats the best pic I could get, but then again, no painting can be genuinely viewed unless it’s physically in front of you. Someday I hope to hone my skills over the next month or so, and maybe even start selling once I get good enough to. Anyway, please tell me what you think!

I’ll be posting later works in here, too. I have a lot planned and I’m excited to continue working and develop better skills. Constructive criticism and comments welcomed!

i want that on my wall, im sure it will be worth millions later :wink:

UHHH…is this done?

Ok a few things.

  1. Think about a background. Why is it solid black?
  2. the figure is croped at the thigh yet you have all this black space.
  3. think about flow and layout and composition. none of that shows here.
    4)where’s her face?
  4. there’s no real form…everything is blurry and fuzzy.

I’m not trying to sound like a dick, but there’s so little to go on here. You should do some thumbnails first to find the best composition. Get the light source down. Do all this on paper then transfer the image to the canvas. Keep at it and keep posting. But read up on painting basics, and you’ll see yourself improve day by day.

have fun.

It’s not finished is it? No face.

but he’s talking about getting scans…and it’s signed…so i was confused.

its his first one :smiley:

It looks cool for a hobby piece. Can you push for something better?


I think Luc is talented because of the dinosaur avs he made. Those were so fucking cool.

Damn dude, if you ever think about selling that piece of art let me know ok, i would Definitively buy it. nice work. :wgrin:

Edit: how can you tell she is Sue??? Sue is blonde, aint she??
Oh, never mind, i just notice the “4” on her breast.

  1. Like 20 minutes before I took that pic, I was really dissatisfied with the way I did the background. It looked kind of really dark midnight blue with black, kind of splotchy and wavy, and I didn’t like it. So I painted over everything with black and ended up liking it much better, just looks cleaner. Accentuate the positives, hide the negatives.

  2. Yep, I made it that way because I saw a promo photo of Jessica Alba’s pose as Sue and liked it.

  3. What?

  4. She’s the Invisible Woman, you cannot see it. I could paint some kind of scenery of, well anything, and say the Invisible Woman’s in it, and nobody would know, cause she’s invisible. This is just my take on how to represent her invisibility.

  5. Well like any painting, you dont really get to see the real thing 100% til you see it in person. And yea it does kinda look like a crayon drawing in the photo, but it’s just cause of the photo. Hence… :d::d:

Yea I want to get scans of whatever I paint, cause its the closest thing to actually being able to see it in person.

Haha thanks man, yea I know I got miles to improve and alot of ideas too. But it takes time and experience. I guess somethin Im willing to invest in cause I had alot of fun with painting.

Damn are you for real? Well I dont think I’m gonna sell it but if I reconsider, I’ll let you know for sure.

Thanks for all the input guys! I’ll keep em comin :tup:

Is there some law that all paintings must have perfect anatomy complete with faces to count as a finished piece?
Oh wait its just the elitist srk artfags crying.

I think the form is quite good being your first. Keep pursuing your goal.

Thanks TRT :tup:

Tactical Espionage Silhouettes
11x14" canvas with water based acrylics

Inspired by:

For Metal Gear fans like me. After looking at it for a while, I thought I made some really bad mistakes but I suppose I did my best to turn them into non-mistakes. I suppose it worked, for the most part. I was about to do it vertically but ended up deciding to do it horizontal. Again, sorry for the glare.

I busted out another canvas tonight to do this Punisher painting I had an idea for, but I fucked it all up and I had to throw away the canvas. So that’ll be my next one, and I kinda simplified the idea so it’ll be easier for me to paint but still look cool/artsy/whatever. It won’t have a black background, either :tup:

I’m gonna have to go to the store again and get new canvases cause my 3-pack ran out :sweat:

I think the pics of your paintings would come out better if you took the photos in a well-lit area (white light pls) with your camera flash turned off.

I like the concept for the MGS pic, but I think you need crisper outlines to make the silhouettes stand out… right now they’re a lil’ fuzzy.

Suggestion: Instead of painting the figures and then painting black around it, why not paint the bg black, let it dry, and then paint the coloured silhouettes onto the black canvas?

Hey man for taking pictures try doing it outdoor with good sunlight. If it’s too sunny, find a place with a bit of shading so you don’t get a lot of glare. Turn the flash off and use a tripod or something stable to hold the camera in place. Put the camera as parallel to the painting as possible and carefully take the picture to avoid any camera shake.

I turn on the white halogen lamp in the corner of the room that I turn on before I took those pics. I guess I should figure out how to turn the damn flash off… time to scour the menus.

About the outline, yeah man, I was noticin that about the fuzzyness upon review. At first I thought, oh well they could be blending into the surroundings as per the stealthiness of the game, but then I What color do you think I should outline them with? Maybe red for snake and blue for meryl? Or would that be tacky? Maybe white? But like I just did Sue Storm with a white outline. If I’ve got a pale green like the codec, maybe that, really thin? It might clash, but then again, I dont know still… it looks kinda abstract and I kinda wanna keep it that way… ahhhh Im confused!! :looney::looney:

I’ll def. do the background first for the next painting I do silhouettes.

Oh word? I didnt think of doing it outside, then again I usually paint at night, like late nights post-midnight… Weather is shit here, though. I’ll see what I can do about turnin the flash off and prop the camera up on some flat surface. Usually the only camera I use for taking pictures is my cel camera, and it’s usually for party pics and other antics haha

Thanks for the input guys! I still gotta restock on canvases and I really need an easel. I’ll pick one up tonight/tomorrow morning at wal mart on the way back from dennys so I wont have to paint on the fuckin floor with newspaper anymore. I guess a palette would do me good too, last time I checked they were like a buck, just so I dont have to use folded paper. Ima PAINT tonight. Im so ghetto :rofl:

so he powers don’t turn the costume or hair invisible. Sounds like you’re gonna shit on the advice good artists give you…so gook luck.

Wow. Take it easy dude. He just didn’t understand your pro crits. Telling someone all this shit when they’re just starting out isn’t gonna help. No one is gonna learn composition and form right off the bat. He obviously didn’t paint the face intentionally. He’s not gonna hope no one notice there’s no face there. He’s not trying to be the next rembranbt.

Luciano: if you’re gonna use acrylics, try painting on 2 ply cold press illustration board (look it up at the art store/online). It’s cheaper and alot better than canvas. you should only use oil paint with canvas.

Man, it’s an artistic representation. And get this Sherlock, since you can see the paint, none of the Invisible Woman I painted is actually invisible. Fuck me, right? Furthermore how the hell would you even paint something/someone that’s completely invisible? And I didn’t shit on anyone’s advice, I’m actually very grateful of all feedback if you pay attention to previous posts.

Anyway, Im not even gonna fight in my own thread, I just wanted to show my paintings.

Dreaded Fist: Thanks man, I’ll definitely check out some illustration boards.

And yeah, Im scared as shit to paint faces/hands/fingers. I dont even want my art to be realistic though. For instance with Sue Storm, most portrayals of her are realistic anyway in comic books, so if people want to see realistic art of her, they can check out some comic books. And Metal Gear Solid, all of that shit is very detailed. Im not in it to replicate, I’d like to put my own artistic feel on stuff.

Lovin’ the MGS painting :tup: keep it up, son.


This is true. Canvas aren’t cheap either.

I like the MGS one wayyyyyyyyyy better. Good job Luc.