Lucky Bear's Den - Long Beach Weekly Sessions :: Next session 3/11

Next Session is 3/11!!! Hit me up asap and request a spot on the roster. This has limited space so I will not be allowing more than 10 individuals to come through on a first come first serve basis.

Again: There are 10 positions available for the next session.

Alright y’all. I’ve been lurking in the shadows, playing fighting games casually and enjoying the quiet days of my age. Street Fighter V has set a fire within me that has me thinking, “Whatever happened to those epic sessions from back in the day?” Well my answer is to bring them back. The hype, and the high level play is coming back to Long Beach! Let’s GO!

Location: Corner of Market and Cherry in North Long Beach CA.
Time: Friday 03/11/16 ~ 2pm-8pm
Price: FREE! (donations graciously accepted, help keep it free!)
The Games: SFV(on PC & PS4) –Bring your own stick!
If you want to bring a PS4 with SFV please do!!

Be aware I will be inviting you into my home, please respect it as such.
-No smoking If you need to smoke there’s a back area where you can do so, but anywhere near my apartment is a no go.
-Be a Ninja when outside the apartment. If you’re chilling outside the apartment for some reason please do so quetly and respectfully. Sound carries very well in this complex.
-House rules can and will switch at any time between best of 3 and arcade rules (best of 1). If the rules switch during your set you will be allowed to finish it, but respect the other players and give up your spot when it’s time to do so.
**-Respect everyone. **I don’t care who they are if you’re being disrespected tell me immediately. This is not an arcade or a big public venue, this is my home. Treat everyone how you wish to be treated, unless you’re some kind of weird masochistic sociopath who enjoys emotional abuse. In that case just be really really nice.

This session is going to float, so it won’t always be on Wednesdays. I won’t be providing refreshments so bring a water bottle that you can refill. This session is free but I do take donations to reduce the overhead cost. I lost two XBox 360s (RROD and Open Tray errors) and my other Xbox’s usb port got screwed up by someone who didn’t know the difference between up and down. What I’m saying is this costs me real money to keep running, so help out if you can!

Important: This session has a 11 persons cap (including me.) That means there are 10 invites available each week. Hit me up if you want to come and I’ll be as fair as possible with the slots. I have a selection process that will help keep it fair. Be aware that claiming a slot at the session and not showing up will lower your priority for selection in the future. To grab an invite you have to text my phone number with your name and whether you are able to bring a fight stick/pad.

Also Important! I’ll likely have a stream set up with a webcam. If you’re not into that then wear a luchador mask. That’d be awesome anyway. Actually just wear the mask regardless of how you feel about the webcam/stream stuff.

Feel free to text me at (562)484-4647 or PM here if you have questions.

Last session was super fun I’ll be heading over again this week!

it was fun, gotta step up my marvel game though. will go this weekend if I can

Nice, I’ll be looking forward to your level-ups! I need to get some more matches in against your vega, we we’re really close. I’m pretty sure we can get your team powered up in mvc3 also, see you tomorrow hopefully!

Aww. I’ve been practicing the last few days, but I cant make it man. Too much shit to do during the week. Sunday session was fun tho, learning them Doom and Zero combos that D0s and pedoviejo did as we speak.

Very nice! We’re probably gonna have evo stream this weekend too so there will be casual games breaking out too!

Ah well I posted in the wrong thread before but I’m gonna try to make it out to tonights session, not 100% sure I’ll make it though

Nice! Hope you make it cuz Allen is gonna be here, he’s really been training up his Makoto so you guys need to talk!

Haha my SF4 is so rusty, and my MvC3 just sucks, should be fun

Haha! Yeah man, I know how it feels. My SF4 was garbage when I played last week. It was a good time though, I was raising sodium levels with She Hulk.

wont be able to make it today got finals and shit

Finals don’t go forever, but the session does. Man up and come after your last test.

Is the turnout for marvel 3 big ? like a dozen people or so ?

might be interested, don’t have anybody good to play against. and online lags bad !

We don’t have a huge marvel crowd after evo I might get bigger. We’ve got a couple beefy players that will give you quite a challenge. Also we have some decent knowlege too so we should be able to level you up! Come on through!

Update Bump!! Session incoming this Thursday at 2pm!!

ill try to make it there for thursday to get some MVC3 matches xD
i’m ass in sf4 but i’ll play it to learn it ^_^’

I’m going to Florida for a week starting wednesday, but once I get back I’m going to be hitting these sessions. Either gonna be focusing on MvC3 or AE, I’m not sure which yet I feel way behind in both

@PimpWilly I can’t stop having fun in Marvel so I’ll be leveling there for now! We’ll do our best to level you up when you get back! Have a safe trip!

@Tape-bot Sick! We’re glad to help out! We have a decent amount of collective knowledge so hopefully we can help you out in AE! I’m pretty ass myself :frowning: hope to see you this week though!

@everyone looking pretty hype this week. We might need another setup or two!

i’d like to come to this i really want to get off xbox live and be more into a community thing, The LB 2gg at csulb isnt frequent enough for me. Is this at someones house or something or is it like an internet cafe kinda place? Thanks

@Sudten : Yeah, I’m trying to get the community in Long Beach a little more fired up since there’s so man players here that don’t really have a good place to go. I’m hosting at my apartment, its not huge but we can hold a decent number of people. We have a really good environment though and some pretty beastly players come through.