Lucky D... Run it back with wolfkrone and inthul?

Its here!!!
visit Console Combat - North East Ohio Area Video Game Night for details

Event Flier Link

$250 Pot Bonus for SSF4 and MVC3

Confirmed High Level Players include: TFA Wolfkrone, DMG Inthul, more to come…

You MUST pre-reg for this event… email me at and the email should include the following:

  1. Real Name
  2. Gamertag/Handle
  3. The events you are entering.

Event Details

When: April 17th, 2011

Where: McCarthy’s Downtown 1231 Main Ave in Cleveland Ohio 44113

Time: Check in is 11-12 am, SSF4 1230 pm sharp, MVC3 130 pm sharp, Arcana Heart (details coming soon)

Games (XBOX 360): SSF4 ($15), MVC3 ($10), Arcana Heart ($10), and MK9 (possibly… its in the works)

Set-Up: All games will be played on XBOX 360. Tubes/CRT’s and evo approved moniters will be used.

There is a $10 venue fee for all players who enter an event.

LOLOLOLOLOLOL to this thread name. I wasnt planning on going to OH, and just for reference im friends with WLF and very good friends with Inthul

but maybe i need to settle a score… ^^

Oh wow…this is silly Dan, I approve